"Michael Jackson One" by CdS in Las Vegas

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      Michael Jackson's Hologram Rocks Las Vegas Arena...

      It only seems fitting that Michael Jackson, The Man who brought the world “Thriller,” was resurrected on a Las Vegas stage late Thursday night—in the form of a hologram.
      The moment occurred toward the end of the first public performance of Michael Jackson ONE, a joint venture between Cirque du Soleil and Jackson’s estate. The singer’s apparition materialized from a cloud of gold pixie dust and proceeded to deliver a rousing rendition of “Man In The Mirror.”
      Der Moment kam gegen Ende des ersten öffentlichen Auftritts von Michael Jackson ONE, ein Joint Venture zwischen Cirque du Soleil und Jacksons Nachlass. Der Sänger erschien aus einer Wolke von Gold und Feenstaub und fuhr fort, eine mitreißende Wiedergabe von "Man in the mirror" zu liefern.
      Throughout the song, Jackson’s hologram stomps around the stage as a coterie of backup dancers swirl around him, moving in unison like a school of fish with one illusory leader. The phantom Jackson even executes a move that involves dropping to one knee and getting back up; he’s briefly transformed into a Jackson 5 era version of himself before evaporating at the song’s end.
      When Jackson first appeared onstage, you could feel a swell of energy ripple through the sellout crowd at Mandalay Bay. It wasn’t accompanied by the volume level of some of the show’s other big moments, almost as if the audience was holding its collective breath to keep from shattering the fleeting sliver of hope that this was not an illusion, but the King of Pop himself.
      Als Jackson auf der Bühne erschien konnte man eine Energie durch die Menge im ausverkauftem Haus im Mandalay Bay fühlen. Es wurde nicht von der Lautstärke begleitet von einigen anderen großen Momenten der Show, fast so, als wenn das Publikum den Atem anhielt, um den flüchtigen Splitter der Hoffnung zu erhalten, dass es sich nicht um eine Illusion handelt, sondern um den King of Pop selbst

      That’s the same sort of reaction that Tupac Shakur’s hologram received when it debuted at Coachella last year. Indeed, similar technology was used for both (technically, they’re illusions, not holograms). But Jackson’s actually danced and overlapped with cohorts onstage; Shakur’s merely rapped in the direction of Snoop Dogg, who was standing ten feet away.
      Much was made of Shakur’s spectral return and the possibility of a hologram tour, yet nothing of the sort has progressed beyond rumor. Shortly after Jeff Jampol (who serves as a consultant to the Jackson estate) took over management of Shakur’s estate, he downplayed the likelihood of a solo tour for the rapper.
      The illusory Jackson, on the other hand, is just one cog in a vast postmortem performance machine. The Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour grossed $160 million in it its initial leg, tops among all North American tours last year.
      The new Vegas-based show will be hard-pressed to match Immortal’s results, given that it’s based in a 1,800-seat venue, while the latter fills up basketball arenas.
      But if last night was any indication, ONE is headed in the right direction: according to sources close to the matter, all performances are sold out through the end of May at an average ticket price of about $125.
      Für die neue Vegas-Show wird es hart sein die Immortal-Resultate zu schlagen, da sie auf eine 1800-Platz-Arena beschränkt ist, während die andere Basketball-Arenas füllt.
      Aber wenn die letzte Nacht ein Hinweis ist, geht ONE in die richtige Richtung, bezugnehmend auf nahe Quellen sind alle Vorstellungen bis Ende Mai ausverkauft mit einem durchschnittl. Ticket-Pries von 125 Dollar.

      The King of Pop pulled in $145 million in 2012—and now with two Cirque du Soleil shows and a hologram, this year’s number should stay in the stratosphere.

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    • LenaLena schrieb:

      fast so, als wenn das Publikum den Atem anhielt, um den flüchtigen Splitter der Hoffnung zu erhalten, dass es sich nicht um eine Illusion handelt, sondern um den King of Pop selbst

      oh man ... ich krieg schon beim Lesen `ne Gänsehaut .........
      weiß nicht, ob ich das "in Echt" aushalten könnte :schulter:

      "When people's minds are clouded by anger or hatred, no angel can reach them". ~Michael Jackson~
    • Die-hard Michael Jackson fans flew in from as far away as Thailand and Japan to attend Thursday night’s first preview performance of Cirque du Soleil’s new “Michael
      Jackson One” at Mandalay Bay. Tickets, hotel and airfare cost a small fortune, but like me — and I purchased my tickets — they agreed that it was worth every penny, and then some.
      Hard-Core Fans kamen aus der ganzen Welt und gaben ein kleines Vermögens aus, aber es war jeden Cent Wert.

      The routine using rare, lengthy footage of Michael dancing as a hologram for the Cirque troupe is modern technology at its most brilliant. It’s emotional because it’s so magically real. Michael has become the star of the show he would’ve been thrilled to have watched or taken part. So much so that Michael’s image and creative genius were still alive last night.
      “Michael Jackson One” is a fabulous and incredible spectacular from start to finish. This was a preview; imagine how Cirque and writer-director Jamie King can make it even bigger or better for the
      June 29 premiere. We posted a preview of the show Thursday with links to my interviews with “One’s” creative team leading up to last night’s performance.
      Michaels technische Darstellung als Hologramm ist brilliant. Die Show ist vom Anfang bis Ende genial...

      “One” is such a riveting and immersive experience, you’ll want to return time and again to catch what you miss. The nonstop action is throughout the theater, up in the ceiling and in the aisles alongside
      the audience, as well as on the stage and sidewalls.The dancing is beyond superb. The multi-colored costumes and illuminated wardrobe creations are beyond dazzling. The music compilation of
      Michael’s No. 1 hits is a seamless audio montage beyond anything experienced before. The video imagery is beyond perfection. Without a shadow of doubt, this is Cirque’s best spectacular in its nearly
      30-year history. The pyrotechnics and fireworks onstage add to the explosive show.
      Man wird die Show immer wieder sehen wollen. Das ist Cirque's beste Show in 30 Jahren...

      The Canadian circus arts company has set itself a new bar of entertainment with a capital E, and now executives and producers will have to revitalize its seven other shows on the Strip to bring them to
      the astounding levels achieved with “One.” No wonder Cirque founder Guy Laliberte was “bouncing off the walls with joy” last night. “He was the most excited and animated I’ve ever seen him,” one of his partners told me at the private celebration party post-show.
      Guy was there only a short time with his President Daniel Lamarre before jetting to the Cannes Film Festival for a One Drop charity event and flying back for the opening of Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay this
      weekend, Cirque’s first foray into nightlife. Jamie was cheered and applauded at the party but had to jump a jet to New York, so his was a quick visit, too.

      Michael’s estate lawyer John Branca told me: “We are so proud of this show. It could not really be any better, and yet this was our first preview. We’ll still tweak it, tinker with it, but to see and feel the
      joy, excitement and overwhelming approval from an audience that arrived from all over the world was fantastic. You thought Michael was alive again tonight onstage; I am convinced he was here in some way to watch this extraordinary night. It is beyond a success. It is the very best that could have been done.

      Branca: Wir sind so stolz auf die Show. Es könnte nicht besser sein, dabei war dies nur ein Vorgschmack/eine Probe. Wir werden noch daran feilen, aber die überwältigenden Reaktionen des Publikums aus der ganzen Welt waren phantastisch.Michael war heute Nacht am Leben; Ich glaube er war in Art da und hat das ganze beobachtet.
      The audience’s unfettered, loud and enthusiastic cheering during the show and at the finale took the roof off the theater. The most memorable moments? There are too many to mention, and I don’t want to
      spoil your experience. So, brief descriptions of my favorites:

      Highlight für den Autor:

      Contortionist Charles “Lil Buck” Riley almost steals the show with his remarkable body movements. I thought the contortionist at Cirque’s “Zumanity” was remarkable, but this young man in “One” amps it up to sheer wonder and disbelief. If you were blown away the first time you saw Michael moonwalking, wait until you see what this guy achieves balanced on one toe. Exceptional.
      ...ein grandioser Tänzer..

      * The Michael Jackson hologram dance with the cast might well be one of the best theatrical illusions ever created, and Carlos Santana might just have a rival under the same hotel roof with the golden goddess on her guitar.
      ...Hologramm und eine super Gitaristin

      *For the opening “Beat It,” the four sky-high acrobats on a bungee swing take your breath away as white sequined dancers swing in and out of the scaffolding-like set. The electric, one-wheeled gliders will have everybody calling the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog for that treasure.

      * Cirque and Jamie’s interpretation of “How Does It Feel” from “Stranger in Moscow” with snowflakes falling in the entire theater is pure joy, reminding of the wonder of the first Christmas with Santa.
      Bei Stranger fällt Schnee im ganzen Theater..

      * The urban-street breakdances performed on a tiny strip of tape for “Bad” are an eye-popping wonder.* The Korean acrobatic troupe seem to have miracle powers floating and
      flying through the air in a steady stream of somersaults that Michael Jordan wished he’d had in his winning NBA days.

      * I was moved by the message of hope poignantly written by Michael himself for “They Don’t Care About Us,” with scenes of global violence,
      the battle against AIDS and the fight with Martin Luther King Jr. for the end of discrimination.

      * I loved old video of Michael as Charlie Chaplin for the song “Smile” that led into a mesmerizing tall black female dancer in blue, then partnered with others in luminescent yellow-and-pink outfits and the blow-your-socks off ‘Dangerous” that followed with more dancers flying in from all over the theater as pyrotechnics and fireworks exploded.

      ...ein altes Video von Mike als Charlie Chaplin

      * The “Billie Jean” sequence with the dancers in lighted-up, multicolored suits was so vibrant, I almost missed the acrobats walking up the walls.

      * For “Thriller,” the trampoline artists were synchronized better than Olympic swimmers, even performing upside down and falling out of the
      ceiling. Beware the zombie monsters that ran amok through the theater because one could creep up from behind to scare.

      * Shooting stars set up the opening of the Neverland gates and into its magical gardens with an aerial ballet for “I Cant Stop Loving You.” The “Man in the Mirror” hologram dance with Michael could easily have been the show-closer, but Cirque and Jamie still weren’t done with the amazement.

      * “Can You Feel It” was the appropriate way to bring this theatrical stunner to a close as flags of different countries were marched over the Neverland bridge.

      Michael was alive again last night, his genius and musical creativity rekindled to perfection. “One” is a show that will reign as No. 1 on the Strip for many years to come. There is one word to sum up “Michael
      Jackson One”: triumphant.

      Michael war letzte Nacht lebendig - sein Genie, seine musikalische Kreativität - die Show wird viele Jahre die Nr. 1 in Vegas sein. Zusammengefasst: ein Triumph !

      Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas,
      the world’s premier platinum playground.

      Follow Robin Leach on Twitter at Twitter.com/Robin_Leach.
    • Hier ein Bericht eines dagewesenen Fans, Petrarose, MJJC

      Guys you have to see that show. I went on Thursday night and today is Saturday & I am still glowing. I am not going to spoil it for anyone who has not seen it yet. The Michael on stage dancing with the cast is phenomenal!!! Then some fan shouted out "I Love You Michael, which cased everyone to cheer and go wild. I felt the sound in my seat, so some of you girls might get a "sexy" feeling. Someone already talked about the way they decorated the doors & walls--everything makes you know this is All About Michael.

      Ihr müsst die Show sehen. Ich ging am Donnerstag Abend und heute ist Samstag und ich glühe immer noch. Ich möchte nicht spoilen und verderben für alle, die noch nicht gesehen haben. Den Michael auf der Bühne tanzen zu sehen mit den Darstellern ist phänomenal. Dann schrie ein Fan "Love you Michael" was alle jubeln und wild werden ließ. Ich fühlte den Sound in meinem Sitz, so dass einige Mädchen vielleicht ein Sexy Gefühl bekommen. Jemand sprach bereits darüber wie sie die Türen und Wände dekorieren-alles lässt Dich wissen, es geht nur um Michael.

      I had a blast in the gift shop. Of course the books & music I already had. Michael's biography is there and also Bush's book. If they had some replica's of Michaels fabric jackets I would have gone out of my mind, but they only had the Bad leather jackets, which I passed. The T- shirts and tops, hats, scarfs are great and I got some of those. There is also some bags and one like the front of a jacket which I got. There was also a watch with an MJ logo on it, which of course I got.

      That whole experience is something all fans should try and have, so Go, Go, Go!!! This is a permanent show & you have years to plan & save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      [b]Die ganze Erfahrung ist etwas was alle versuchen sollten zu haben, geht, es ist eine permanent Show und Ihr Jahre zum planen und es Euch zu sichern.[/b]

      Another thing, if you look at videos of the hologram/illusion, you do not get a true sense of the awesomeness of it all. It is when you see this thing appear in reality that it takes your breath away. You actually feel this is Michael stepping in to do this for us, so don't let comments like "it is not really dancing liking Michael in this part" put a dampen on the beautifulness of it all!!!

      Eine andere Sache, wenn man sich die Videos von dem Hologramm / Illusion betrachtet erhält man nicht einen wahren Sinn der Großartigkeit von diesem. Es ist, wenn Du dieses Ding in Wirklichkeit erscheinen siehst, dass es einem den Atem raubt. Du fühlst tatsächlich , das ist Michael, um dies für uns zu machen, so lasst nicht Kommentare wie "es ist nicht wirklich Michael, der in diesem Teil tanzt" leine Dämpfung für die Schönheit von allem aufkommen

      Von MKGenie
      Hologram moment is magical

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    • Bridge schrieb:

      Hier ist ein kurzer Ausschnitt mit Michaels Hologram mit Earth Song.

      Ich denke nicht das dies ein Hologramm ist. Das ist glaube ich aus der RTL-Chart show wo Dieter Wiesner 3M den Earth song sangen mit Einbledungen von MJ performten, ich glaube auf einen Vorhang visuell übertragen. Das sah opt. relativ gut aus, aber sicher kein Hologramm. Das ist ja eine sehr aufwendige und teure Technik und das erste MJ-Hologramm gibt es nun in der MJOne-Show in Vegas. Ich glaube man kann visuell in der Tat wohl nur live vor Ort richtig erfassen.

      Es gibt übrigens auch einen Online-Shop, allerdings offensichtlich mit sehr beschränkten Angebot im Vergleich zum Vor-Ort-Angebot
      according to the pictures it seems they have a lot more items at the actual shop. Online shop seems to be limited items


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    • Hier ist eine sehr schöne Review von Postivley MJ von einem Wochenende in Mandaly Bay wo einige Fan-Forum-Mitglieder vom Estate und Cirque eingeladen worden sind sich eine Probevorstellung anzusehen.

      A Review and More of MJ One at the Mandalay Bay

      This weekend, I was able to see the first dress rehearsal of Cirque du Soleil’s MJ One at the Mandalay Bay, along with several other fan community leaders, thanks to the MJ Estate. Not only did we get to see the show before anyone else, but we were treated to several other surprises that truly made for an amazing and eye opening weekend.

      Before I get to the show and the spoilers (which I will give fair warning about, fear not), I will say that Cirque du Soleil and the MJ Estate have achieved something truly amazing with this one. Throughout this entire weekend, the love, respect, and admiration that they feel towards Michael (and the fans) was obvious. I can’t imagine how hard this entire team worked to make this happen in such a short amount of time, but I deeply admire and appreciate them all the more for it.

      We were flown from all over the world to Las Vegas and put up at The Mandalay Bay, which is by far the nicest hotel I have ever had the pleasure of staying in. (To be fair, it is probably the ONLY nice hotel I have ever had thee pleasure of staying in.) The view from my room was amazing. See for yourself.

      The hotel was massive. I literally did not leave it once between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon, and I never even saw the whole thing. It was also gorgeous with some amazing restaurants and shops,. (I got a really great gift for our wonderful GlitterySocks, but I’ll let her tell you about that when she gets it.) And as some of us on PosMike were wondering, yes, it is connected to the Luxor. The MJ slot machine may have turned me into a gambling addict. I won enough to break even, which I considered a huge success.

      We all got together for an amazing seafood lunch on Saturday. The highlight of that lunch was not the amazing food, however, but getting to personally meet John Branca, Jamie King, and Welby Atidor. All were incredibly kind, gracious, and unbelievably passionate and enthusiastic about this project. You could feel the MJ love and admiration throughout the room. On that note, you could feel it all over the hotel. The MJ Slots were always occupied and there was ALWAYS somebody buying MJ One tickets in the box office.
      Wir kamen alle zusammen für eine erstaunliches Meeresfrüchte Mittagessen am Samstag. Das Highlight dieses Mittagessen war nicht das super Essen, jedoch aber persönlich zu treffen John Branca, Jamie King, und Welby Atidor. Alle waren unglaublich freundlich, liebenswürdig, und unglaublich leidenschaftlich und begeistert von diesem Projekt. Man konnte dieLiebe und Bewunderung zu MJ im ganzen Raum spüren. In diesem Sinne könnte man es im ganzen Hotel zu spüren. Die MJ Slots waren immer besetzt und es gab immer jemanden beim Kauf MJ One Tickets an der Abendkasse

      Later that afternoon, we were given a tour of the theatre, including backstage. We saw first hand how they do this stuff, and I still can’t even fathom it. We couldn’t take pictures inside the theatre, but we could take pictures inside the lobby!
      Später am Nachmittag hatte wir eine Führung durch das Theater, inklusive Backstage. . Wir sahen aus erster Hand, wie sie diese Dinge tun, und ich kann es immer noch nicht ergründen. Wir konnten keine Bilder im Theater machen, aber wir konnten Bilder in der Lobby nehmen!

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    • This is the entrance to the lobby, right next to the gift shop.

      They were playing the Liberian Girl video, not just randomly featuring Carl Weathers. I just happened to snap the photo at that moment.

      And this grand ballroom, in Michael’s favorite colors, is the lobby for MJ One.

      Already, we were amazed by the attention to detail. Our excitement to see the show was palpable. If this was only the lobby, then I’m sure you can all imagine how incredible the theatre looked from the inside. I will say that we were blessed to run into Kevin Antunes and hear some first hand insight into the brilliance of this sound design. I’m a bit of a production nerd, and while I won’t spoil anything here, I will say that nothing like this has ever been done before. It’s totally innovative, just like it should be.
      Bereits beeindruckt von der Aufmerksamkeit vom Detail. Unsere Aufregung die Show zu sehen war spürbar. Das ist nur die Lobby und ich denke Ihr könnt Euch vorstellen wie unglaublich das Theater von innen aussieht.Wir waren gesegnet, dass wir in Kevin Antunes rannten und hörten einige 1. Handeinsichten in die Brillianz des Sounddesigns. Ich woll sagen nichts wurde jemals so zuvor getan. Es ist total innovotiv. wie es sein sollte.

      After that, we got to be the first to enter and buy anything from the MJ One gift shop. It wasn’t yet complete, but what they had was awesome. There are some unbelievable tee shirts in that store! While a lot of it was pretty pricey, there were plenty of affordable tokens in there. Wonderful key-chains, magnets, shirts, water bottles, etc etc etc. I can’t even remember all of what was there. If anybody reading this happens to be incredibly rich, we were told that lots of the signed memorabilia up on the walls will be for sale, and there is another store in the shops that’s got lots of amazing and rare MJ memorabilia. Even if you’re not buying, it’s really fun to look. Now have a couple of teasers to get you pumped for that gift shop:

      Then there was another break in our schedule, filled with gambling, exploring, and excitement. But we were told to be sure to be back no later than 6:25 for a very special surprise, and oh, was it special.

      We were led backstage to an awning above the space where all the performers were warming up. We were told we’d get to be flies on the wall to witness their pre-show ritual, but when it came time, we were actually, to our surprise and excitement, invited to join in. Jamie King gave an unbelievable speech about how he came to know Michael, how much he and the entire cast love Michael, and how excited he was to see all of their hard work play out on stage.
      Jamie King machte eine unglaublich Rede darüber wie er zu Michael kam und wie sehr er und die ganze Crew ihn lieben und wie aufgeregte er war zu sehen wie all die harte Arbeit sich auf der Bühne ausspielte.
      Then, just as you all would recognize from This is it, we joined hands, closed our eyes, and passed some energy around. It was truly inspiring and I am still shocked and amazed that I got to be a part of something so special, but then it was time for the show.

      Before I get to the spoilers, I will just say that the show was amazing. I don’t think there was a single moment when I didn’t have a huge smile on my face or tears in my eyes. It was unbelievably ambitious, and even though it was a little incomplete (as we were warned), it showcased Michael like nothing I’ve ever seen. And if you’re worried about it being just like The Immortal, it is nothing like it. It is an entirely new show made specifically for this theatre. We had unbelievable seats, but I honestly doubt that there is a bad seat in the house. To add to that, every single seat has a speaker system built into the head rest. They obviously worked very hard to make sure that the entire audience felt involved and enthralled, and judging by how the audience was reacting, they succeeded.
      Bevor ich zu den Spoilern komme, werde ich nur sagen, dass die Show fantastisch war. Ich glaube nicht, dass es einen einzigen Moment gab wo ich nicht ein riesiges Lächeln auf mein Gesicht oder Tränen in den Augen hatte. Es war unglaublich ehrgeizig, und obwohl es ein wenig unvollständig war (wie wir gewarnt wurden), präsentiert es Michael war wie nichts, was ich je gesehen habe. Und wer darüber besorgt ist es wird genauso wie Immortal sein, ist es nichts Vergleichbares. Es ist eine völlig neue Show, die speziell für dieses Theater gemacht wurde. Wir hatten unglaublich Sitze, aber ich ehrlich gesagt bezweifle ich, dass es eine schlechten Sitz im Haus gibt. Darüber hinaus hat jeder einzelne Sitz ein Lautsprechersystem in der Kopfstütze eingebaut. Sie haben offensichtlich sehr hart gearbeitet, um sicherzustellen, dass das gesamte Publikum beteiligt und begeistert ist, und auf Grund der Beurteilung wie das Publikum reagierte fuhren sie fort.

      Now, for spoilers. If you don’t want to know specifics about this show, stop reading and scroll on down to the last couple of paragraphs for a general review and summary. I’ll try to be at least a little general even in the spoilers so that everyone is still surprised when they see it, but I know that not everyone reading is the type to wait.

      The show opens with, or I should say is lead in by, Privacy. Not just privacy, but a brilliant new mix of Privacy. While that’s going on, members of the cast are crawling around the theatre with cameras photographing unsuspecting members of the audience as they all get to their seats. Not just photographing, but REALLY getting up in everyone’s space. We were the victims of the paps multiple times, and let me say, it’s incredibly uncomfortable and invasive. If this was just a fake scenario, I can’t imagine how Michael and other celebs deal with this in their daily lives when it is real and a million times more intense. Still, it’s fun! It manages to convey a really serious message without ruining the experience. They take the issue of the press and lies in the press and they tackle it all head on. Then, the show begins.
      Die Show beginnt mit, oder sollte ich sagen wird eingeführt mit Privacy. Nicht nur Privacy sondern eine brillanten Mix aus Privacy. Während das vor sich geht, sind Mitglieder des Ensembles rund um das Theater mit Kameras beim Fotografieren ahnungsloser Mitglieder des Publikums, wie sie zu ihren Plätzen kommen. Nicht nur fotografieren, aber wirklich in jeden Raum gehen Wir waren die Opfer der Paps mehrfach, und lasst mich sagen, es ist unglaublich unbequem und invasiv. Wenn dies nur ein Fake Szenario war kann ich mir nicht vorstellen, wie Michael und andere Promis damit umgehen in ihrem täglichen Leben, wenn es real ist und eine Million Mal stärker. Trotzdem machte es Spaß! Es gelingt, eine wirklich ernste Botschaft zu vermitteln ohne die Erfahrung zu ruinieren. Sie nehmen das Thema der Presse und die Lüge in der Presse um es im Kopf anzugehen. Dann beginnt die Show.

      The basic plot follows four kids who discover some of Michael’s most special possessions: things like the sequin glove and fedora, and then really discover the magic of Michael throughout the show. It involves lots of number one hits, but it also has some awesome songs for the fans. I already mentioned Privacy, but Speechless is in there, Stranger in Moscow, and perhaps one of the coolest numbers in the show which I know fans will be excited about – Another part of me.
      Die grundlegende Handlung folgt vier Kinder, die einige der schönsten Besitztümer Michaels entdecken: Dinge wie den Pailletten-Handschuh und Fedora, und dann wirklich edie Magie von Michael während der ganzen Show aufecken. Es beinhaltet viele Nummer-Eins-Hits, aber es hat auch einige tolle Songs für die Fans. Ich habe bereits erwähnt Privacy, aber auch Speechless und Stranger in Moscow ist vertreten und vielleicht einer der coolsten Nummern in der Show, ich den Fans werden begeistert sein über - Another part of me.

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    • Unlike The Immortal, there were fewer mash ups and more full songs. Although there were few mash ups, the ones that are included in the show are AMAZING. They are so, so powerful. That is something I will not spoil. I want fans to be surprised, but one of them was definitely an audience favorite and something Kevin Antunes should be extremely, extremely proud of.
      Im Gegensatz zu Immortal gab es weniger mash ups und mehr volle Songs. Zwar gab es einige mash ups, unddiejenigen, die in der Show enthalten sind , sind erstaunlich. Sie sind so, so mächtig. Das ist etwas, was ich nicht spoilen will. Ich möchte das Fans überrascht sein, aber einer von ihnen war auf jeden Fall ein Publikumsliebling und Kevin Antunes kann sehr, sehr stolz sein.

      he first number that I recall really getting everyone pumped up was Smooth Criminal. The costumes and acrobatics were unbelievable. It stayed true to the Smooth Criminal brand while also bringing some new and incredible elements to the table. And as you’d expect, the audience went wild when the lean happened.
      Die erste Nummer an die ich mich erinne wo wirklich jeder aufsprang war Smooth Criminal. Die Kostüme und Akrobatik waren unglaublich. Es blieb getreu dem Smooth Criminal Marke und gleichzeitig bringt es einige neue und unglaubliche Elemente auf den Tisch. Und wie zu erwarten war, tobte das Publikum als der Lean passierte.

      Other songs that I remember being audience favorites were Human nature, The way you make me feel (an unbelievable showcase of the unbelievable girls of Cirque), Billie Jean (remember this one in The Immortal? This is 10000x better), Workin’ Day and Night (filled with fun slapstick and very Chaplin-y elements), and the big, big, big one, Man in the mirror.
      Andere Songs, an die ich erinnere mich, die Publikumslieblinge waren waren Human nature, The way you make me feel (ein unglaubliches Schaufenster der unglaublichen Mädchen von Cirque), Billie Jean (erinnert Euch an das von Immortal, dieses ist 1000mal besser), Workin 'Day and Night (gefüllt mit Spaß und Slapstick und Chaplin-y Elemente) und das große, große, große, Man in the mirror.

      Now, this is a spoiler. This is a big big spoiler. But I know that fans will all be waiting to hear about it.
      Nun das ist ein großer, großer Spoiler, aber ich weiß die Fans warten darauf davon zu hören.

      Man in the mirror was my favorite performance. It also involved (drumroll) THE HOLOGRAM! I’ll talk more about the hologram on the site so as not to ruin things for the general public, but the concept of Man in the mirror was so beautiful, and so unbelievably Michael that it was the most Mike-like performance of the night (for myself, of course). Again, I want everyone to be surprised and I will not say too much about specifics of how the hologram worked with the performers or the concept of the show. But it is not just a hologram dancing on stage. It’s more than that. It was magical. I think that term is corny and almost always and overstatement, but IT. WAS. MAGICAL. I had chills up my spine. I had tears in my eyes. Writing this is making me emotional. The second it ended I was ready to run out and donate, volunteer, and heal the whole world. I felt Michael in that room. I don’t say this lightly. I’m not the type to say Michael was there. But to me, Michael was in that room. I cannot wait for people to see that part of the show. I can’t wait to see it again.

      Man in the mirror war mein Lieblings-Performance. Es beinhaltet das Hologramm! Ich werde mehr reden über das Hologramm reden auf der Website, so dass es für die breite Öffentlichkeit nicht zu sehr gespoilt ist, aber das Konzept von Man in the mirror war so schön und so unglaublich Michael, dass es die Mike-ähnlichste Leistung in der Nacht war (für mich selbst, natürlich). Wieder möchte ich alle zu überraschen und ich werde nicht zu viel zu sagen über Besonderheiten, wie das Hologramm arbeitete mit den Darstellern oder dem Konzept der Show. Aber es ist nicht nur ein Hologramm das auf der Bühne tanzt. Es ist mehr als das.. Es war magisch. Ich denke der Begriff ist kitschig und fast immer eine Übertreibung, aber es war es. Magisch. Ich hatte Schüttelfrost in meiner Wirbelsäule. Ich hatte Tränen in den Augen. Über dies zu Schreiben macht mich emotional. Als es endete es ich war bereit zu laufen und zu spenden, freiwillig, und zu heilen die ganze Welt. Ich fühlteMichael in diesem Raum. Ich sage das nicht leicht. Ich bin nicht der Typ der sagt das Michael dort war. Aber für mich war Michael in diesem Raum. Ich kann nicht erwarten für die Leute diesen Teil der Show zu sehen. Ich kann es nicht warten, um es wieder zu sehen.

      And then the finale – a massive, huge celebration. Another mash up and then, much to everyone’s pleasant surprise, Another part of me. The audience was on their feet and dancing, and I hear that the ending is going to get even bigger and better.
      Und dann das Finale, eine massive gorße Feier. Ein anderes Mash up und zu jedermanns Freude Another part of me. Das Publikum war auf den Füßen und tanzte und ich höre das Ende soll noch größer und besser werden.

      Some of my personal favorites of the night were Jam, Scream (which was not yet finished, but was such a cool concept to me that just the anticipation of seeing it in September makes it a favorite.), Human nature, Workin’ Day and Night, Billie Jean, and Man in the mirror.
      Meine persönl. Favoriten Jam, Scream (was nicht vollständig fertig war, aber ein so cooles Konzept, dass selbst die Erwartung es im Sept. zu sehen es für mich zu einem Favoriten macht), Human nature, Workin Day and Night, Billie Jean und Man in the mirror.

      Oh, and did I mention that all of the usher’s have MJ stripes on their pants? I’m telling you guys, this show is THE show.

      End of spoilers – back to the real review.

      I would recommend that everyone who can get to Vegas and see this show once it opens do so. I am so moved by the love and dedication from Cirque and the Estate, not just for Michael, but for the fans. This entire team has outdone themselves. Really, really outdone themselves. They obviously worked immensely hard to make this happen, and if any of them are reading this, thank you for that. In my opinion, this is so worthy of everything Michael was and still is. I can’t even imagine how many new fans he will gain from this show, especially young fans. It is the most fitting addition to Michael’s legacy I could have hoped for, and it’s going to get even better in the next couple of months.

      To close out this story, I took a little Michaeling trip to the Regis Galerie with Mel from Michael Jackson Fans of New York. I couldn’t take pictures inside, but outside they were playing clips of Michael in the store from the Bashir documentary with a really touching quote that sort of lapped Bashir in the face – here is the photo to prove it

      Im Anschluss daran war sie noch in der Regis Galerie. Außen und innen spielten sie Clips von Living with Michael Jackson im Geschäft und ein wirklich berührendes Zitat das Bashir ins Gesicht schlägt. Hier ist ein Foto.

    • In what universe, would MJ be happy knowing his fans are ecstatic to see a fake Michael Jackson in a fake Michael Jackson show? RT @TheMJAP: Not sure I'd be crying tears of joy if a hologram of a Michael Jackson impersonator appeared on stage to mimic Michael Jackson #justme

      Ich würde gerne wissen,
      in welchem ​​UniversumMJ seine Fans begeistert sind, einen gefälschten Michael Jackson in einer gefälschten Michael Jackson Show zu sehen? RT @ TheMJAP: Nicht sicher, ob ich Tränen der Freude weinen soll, wenn ein Hologramm eines Michael Jackson-Imitator auf der Bühne erscheint, um Michael Jackson zu imitieren.

      Karen Faye zu "Michael Jackson One"!
      Ich hoffe, es ist richtig interpretiert. :klapper: Na ja, eigentlich hoffe ich, dass ich es falsch verstanden habe. :aha:

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    • Ein Hologramm ist eine Illusion. So richtig verstehe ich die Technik jetzt auch nicht. Hier erklärt es MK Genie, Präsident von China Fanclub und die Wirkung in der Show

      I attended the performance of ONE that night
      So I can say something

      Yes I'm with you because I cannot stand the impersonator either

      But the hologram scene in MJ ONE is magical.
      They did it very good.

      But like I said, 2PAC hologram is NOT 2PAC himself.
      MJ hologram is either NOT MJ himself ~~~
      It's a digital rebuilding or CGI, and may be involved with a impersonator
      But if you are okay with the Michael in MJ Experience game, you know what I mean
      MJ hologram is representing The Man we know and his spirit.

      We have discussion with people with knowledge of it about Why they chose not use MJ archive video
      ,they said they tried very hard to look at the archive but could not find a good and HD enough video to use for rebuilding the hologram scene.
      But the whole concept is to create something Michael represents and the magic. So they go with the concept.

      And the show is not just about several minutes of hologram. It's everything and it has many parts, many performances and many innovative ideas. It's a whole show, entertaining but not being advertised as MJ HOLOGRAM SHOW.

      When I first saw it, I think it's magical and it took my breath away. When I found out it's not MJ himself, I have to admit I was a bit let down and fears there would be fakeness controversies all over again. But when I think it over several times as I get back home, I still think it's magical. Michael spirit and presence is there, sending out the message of the song.

      Not perfect, but reasonable and innovative arrangement and move. I can accept it, considering MJ is NOT here anymore.
      And I think about the whole show without hologram, which is also amazing. Hologram clearly add some magic to it.

      We can't expect hologram thing can really bring Michael back and we have to admit the reality. I really want to see MJ's real footage, however, what a pity. I hope some day technology advancement can do it better and they will re-do the Michael hologram.

      But it fits the show well.
      You have to have this in mind: It's not something we need to look up to or go on pilgrimage to. It is just an entertainment show. A good and amazing one.

      I have to say when I think it over and think about the magic fascinates me, I want to see it again.