Michael Jackson: Tochter Paris wird erwachsen

    • Paris Jackson verrät in der ELLE-Australien, dass sie in der Ausbildung/Training zur Schamanin ist ..

      Paris spoke to ELLE Australia:
      Paris Jackson Reveals She Is A Shaman In Training | ELLE

      Fashion's new muse is also using her Melbourne Cup trip down under to help save the Great Barrier Reef.

      Nov 07, 2017 8:48am
      By Jenna Clarke

      Michael Jackson made "bad" famous in 1987. Now 30 years since his smash hit, his daughter is striving to do good. Paris Jackson, the 19-year-old model and aspiring activist with eyes that resemble the decorative opalite crystal she wears in her hair, is in Australia for the Melbourne Cup but is going to use the trip to visit the Great Barrier Reef in order to help save it.

      “Now that I’m here I’m really hoping I get involved with the Great Barrier Reef and the protection of it. It’s a very sacred vortex that 100 per cent needs to be protected. It breaks my heart to see what’s happening there. This is my first time in Australia and I’m hoping to get up there this trip and then after having the blessing of seeing it with my own eyes, find the right organisations to get involved with,” she told ELLE Australia of one of the natural wonders of the world which is facing challenges like climate change and other human interference.

      Jackson is also using the experience of her first trip down under to further her studies as a Shaman healer, someone who is called upon to restore an individual’s spiritual power.

      "My training involves Reiki and learning how to be a mentor. As an apprentice I'm really excited to be on this path because there is no end to it. It's a really beautiful process," she said. Jackson identifies as an "empath", a psychological term used to describe someone who feels deeply and has the sensitivity to intuitively feel and perceive others and the world. While she claims to have "a few mentors", she credits "life" to being her “greatest teacher". Jackson also listens carefully to her chakra system, the seven energy centres she now has tattooed down her sternum. A process that didn’t bother the ink-loving teenager, who has had more than 50 artworks etched on her body.

      "I got them as I always felt they were there. I just needed to scrub off the skin," she said of the psychic-energy system steeped in Hindu tradition, which is believed to impact the psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Three states which Jackson personally balances by meditating where and when she can and leaning into life.

      “There are good waves and bad waves and they are all apart of the process and all bring growth. It’s important to recognise it, accept it, send it love, heal it and then move on,” she said.

      And moving on from the slight hullabaloo caused around her Cup day outfit is what she intends to do. Fairfax Mediareported Jackson was instructed by Myer, the sponsor of her trip down under, to wear an Alex Perry ensemble but she instead opted for a terracotta silk dress by Morrison.

      “It was the most like me out of the options I was given. It’s one of my favourite colours, it’s comfortable, it’s soft and don’t feel like I want to die in it,” she said. She teamed it with her own leather boots and a headband by Melbourne milliner Ann Shoebridge that she was drawn to as it was made out of quartz, one of her favourite crystals. It’s a gem Jackson has a special interest in as back home in LA she enjoys “cleansing, charging and setting crystals under the moon.”

      Paris Jackson is the best thing to ever happen to the Melbourne Cup

      Paris Jackson strolled into the Melbourne Cup like a cool breeze on a stifling, painfully outdated summer's day.

      And no one could even handle her greatness.

      It was the real-life incarnation of the critically acclaimed masterpiece She's the Man, in which Amanda Bynes outshines everyone at the debutante ball just by being her quirky, soccer-loving self.

      Let's break down all the things that made Paris Jackson, 19-year-old icon and all-around badass, the queen of the Cup on Tuesday -- even if the old codgers didn't approve:
      Her Outfit

      Paris ditched the more traditional dresses Myer had selected for her, opting instead to wear a flowy, boho Morrison piece paired with her own ankle booties. Her earrings were artfully mismatched and her headpiece was made of crystals, naturally.

      The look was all so perfectly Paris – who recently tweeted, "my daddy was a hippie and my mama was a biker chick the fuk u expect" – and far more interesting than the parade of monochrome body-con frocks and wobbly pumps that annually descend on Flemington. Iconic.

      Her Humour

      At first, Paris looked a little uncomfortable sitting in the grandstands surrounded by a bunch of old strangers in tiny hats.

      But why shouldn't she? She's away from home in a completely foreign environment… surrounded by a bunch of old strangers… in tiny hats.

      But then! She found a friend who looked like a lot of fun and soon they were laughing and smiling and having a grand ol' grandstands time.

      And THEN! She gave us perhaps the greatest moment in Melbourne Cup history. She pressed her nose against the Myer marquee glass and proceeded to lick it.

      Yesss, girl.

      I don't know why she did it, but it was a perfect mini-rebellion and I love every single shot.

      Her 'Demands'

      The day after the race, one media outlet leaked the list of 'demands' Paris' team laid out for them before she would grant them an interview. They included things like not asking her about her family members and focusing instead on her achievements this year. Unreasonable? Hardly.

      Paris has had to fight her whole life to be recognised as her own person outside of her family's fame. She's worked incredibly hard to make a name for herself as a budding model, actor, and activist.

      It's not crazy to ask people to respect your career and your personal life – especially when the event you're promoting has absolutely nothing to do with your past.

      Her Mission

      While chatting to Elle Australia in the Birdcage, Paris revealed the reason she wanted to make a trip to Australia in the first place wasn't to make any race day best-dressed lists, but to do something way more important.

      "I'm really hoping I get involved with the Great Barrier Reef and the protection of it," she said, adding that she plans to visit Queensland and seek out reef organisations to get involved with. "It’s a very sacred vortex that 100 per cent needs to be protected. It breaks my heart to see what’s happening there."

      She's also studying to be a Shaman!

      Bottom line: It would have been ridiculous for Paris to show up to the Cup and just conform to what was expected. Because that's not who she is or why her fans love her. Instead, she left her own unique mark (and tongue prints) on Flemington, and it is forever changed.

      Paris Jackson, we don't deserve ye.
      Ich aber gelobte mir,
      mich niemals abstumpfen zu lassen
      und den Vorwurf der Sentimentalität
      niemals zu fürchten.

      Albert Schweitzer
    • 11. November 2017
      Paris Jackson postete einen unbedachten
      Beitrag auf Instagram.

      Nach einem Shitstorm sondergleichen,
      entschuldigte sie sich nun auf Twitter!
      Paris Jackson erlaubte sich einen fiesen Fauxpas auf Instagram.
      Nachdem sie wegen ihrer Grimassen von den australischen Medien durch die
      Mangel genommen wurde, und sie diese daraufhin via Instagram angriff,
      musste sie sich nun für ihren eigenen Fehler entschuldigen. Aufgrund
      einer Unachtsamkeit verhielt sie sich nämlich unfreiwillig respektlos
      und unsensibel!

      Instagram-Beitrag von Paris Jackson sorgt für Empörung!
      Paris Jackson unterlief ein grausamer Fehler auf Instagram. Die Tochter
      des King of Pop wollte eigentlich nur einen Witz zu einem ihrer Bilder
      machen. Doch damit schoss sie unfreiwillig am Ziel vorbei. Zu einem Bild
      mit einem australischen Dingo schrieb Paris Jackson: „Ein Dingo hat
      mein Baby gefressen“. Viele Australier empfanden diese Aussage
      allerdings als unangebracht und unsensibel.

      Was Paris Jackson nicht wusste, war dass 1982 eine Australierin
      fälschlicherweise für den Tod ihres Kindes verantwortlich gemacht wurde,
      nachdem ein wilder Dingo dieses vom Campingplatz entwendet hatte. Als
      ihre 9 Monate alte Tochter in ihrer Wiege schrie, sei sie gerade noch
      rechtzeitig ins Zelt geeilt, um zu sehen, wie der Dingo sie in seinem
      Maul wegschleppte.

      Paris Jackson entschuldigt sich für grausamen Instagram-Fail!
      Da Paris Jackson 1998 geboren wurde, konnte sie von dem Vorfall
      natürlich nichts wissen. Doch diese Tatsache konnte die Empörung um ihr
      Bild nicht schmälern. Daher entschuldigte sich die Tochter des King of
      Pop auf Twitter für ihren grausamen Instagram-Fauxpas. Die Worte „Dingo
      stole my baby“ machten nämlich einst Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton
      bekannt. Diese hatte 1980 angegeben, dass ihre Tochter Azaria von einem
      Dingo entführt wurde. Da ihr zunächst niemand glauben wollte, wurde sie
      zunächst zum Tode verurteilt. Am Ende wurde Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton
      dann allerdings doch begnadigt, da das Jäckchen ihres Babys in der Nähe
      eines Dingo-Baus gefunden wurde.

      .....the last thing i want to do is offend anyone, especially a nation
      that i so deeply admire and appreciate. and i will always try to take
      accountability. your media outlets just suck, man. it hurts. https://twitter.com/Bianca_Stone/status/928758251327447040 …

      In ihrer Entschuldigung schrieb Paris Jackson unangenehm berührt: „Ich
      bezog mich auf ein Meme, ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass es von solch einem
      tragischen und schrecklichen Vorfall herrührte. Meine aufrichtige
      Entschuldigung aus der Tiefe meines Herzens.“.

      Ich aber gelobte mir,
      mich niemals abstumpfen zu lassen
      und den Vorwurf der Sentimentalität
      niemals zu fürchten.

      Albert Schweitzer
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      The Princess Paris Jackson on The cover of L’Uomo Vogue November /December issue 2017 @parisjackson photographer @francescocarrozzini fashion editor @rushkabergman wearing @calvinklein by @rafsimons makeup artist @lotstar hairstylist @brentlawler #parisjackson #luomovogue #francescocarrozzini #calvinklein #rushkabergman #biglove

      Michael's Stylistin Rushka unterstützt Paris :)
    • also ich sehe das so ähnlich wie Vany.

      Ich versuch immer eine exakte Grenze zu ziehen zwischen Paris Beruf und Paris Privatleben. Und im privaten sehe ich eine junge Frau die weiß was sie will, die sich mit der Natur verbunden fühlt, die auf Luxus nur wenig wert legt, die in allem einfach anderes ist wie die ganzen anderen Modells, mit denen ich so überhaupt nichts anfangen kann.
      Das andere ist ihr Beruf, da muss sie funktionieren, und das machen was von ihr erwartet wird. Und das wiederum ist für den einen Kunst und für den anderen nicht.
      Und solange sie sich im privaten treu bleibt mache ich mir keinen Sorgen um Paris.