Welches sind Eure Lieblinglieder von Michael ???

  • Ich aktualisiere mal meine März/ April Liste 2020 :

    1. We are the world

    2. Heal the world

    3. Tabloid Junkies

    4. Money

    5. Man in the Mirror

    6. Price of Fame

    7. Hot Street

    8. a Place with no name

    9. Human nature

    10. CanT Help it

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    “Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons" - Michael Jackson

    Gigi JaXon


    Keep the faith, baby, yea

    Because it's just a matter of time

    Before your confidence will win out

    Believe in yourself no matter what it's gon' take

    You can be a winner

    But you got to keep the faith