Randy Jackson auf CNN - Murray hat meinen Bruder ermordet

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    HARRIS: Terrific stuff.

    Randy Jackson is here.

    And, Randy, good to see you.

    JACKSON: Good to see you.

    HARRIS: You know, we're going to talk about a number of topics in our time together. We'll do this segment and then one other with you.
    We are certainly going to talk -- but hang on just a second.
    Is that tape of the president that we're going to take in just a moment?
    I'm getting an indication that we may have to break away, but we're going to come back.


    HARRIS: President Obama is meeting with Senate leaders to talk about steps forward with regard to BP. So we'll talk about that as soon. As the tape comes up, we will take it. It's here now.


    HARRIS: There you go, President Obama meeting with congressional leaders right now to give them an update on the government's response to the oil disaster in the Gulf. And as you heard earlier in the hour from Admiral Thad Allen, a big push right now is to get BP to settle claims more quickly so that BP can get checks into the hands of people who are so impacted by the disaster in the Gulf.

    When we come back, I'll be talking with Michael Jackson's brother, Randy, about continuing his brother's legacy of charitable giving and how that fits into the family's humanitarian mission. That and more in just a moment. You're in the CNN NEWSROOM.


    HARRIS: Healing the world. It was the late Michael Jackson's mission and it has been taken up by Randy Jackson and the rest of the Jackson siblings. Recently Randy Jackson donated $60,000 in the hopes of saving 11-year-old Treasure Deersaw's (ph) life. Randy Jackson is here.

    Randy, look, tell me why you took on this cause. Why you decided you wanted to help little Treasure. And get beyond, look, I'm driving back home and I stop and I see this story and I'm moved. Tell me why you took this gesture, because a lot of people saw the story, and how this fits into this family's humanitarian mission.

    JACKSON: Well, first, let me thank you for allowing me to be here and it's a pleasure meeting you.

    HARRIS: Well, it's good to talk to you, man.

    It's good to talk to you.

    When I saw her story on the news, it penetrated my heart when she said to her mom that she was afraid she was going to die. And there's a -- she has a paper pinned up on her wall in her room that says "still alive." And I said, I have to do what I can to help this little girl.

    Something that we've always done, something, of course, that my brother did all of his career and something that we stand for, just continuing what we do.

    Yes. Will you be moving forward with more efforts like this? Will the family continue to pick up this torch and run with it?

    JACKSON: Yes. We've spent a lot of our careers giving back. We've had a lot of success. God has been good to us. But I think there's another calling. And I've been discussing this with my brothers to get more involved with philanthropic charitable work.

    HARRIS: Here's the amazing thing. You decide you want to help Treasure, which in essence is helping her doctors save her life.

    JACKSON: That's right.

    HARRIS: Dr. Conrad Murray, in essence, when you cut through all of it, is charged with not doing enough to protect and even save your brother's life. So where do things stand in the investigation? What do you think of how the investigation is progressing at this point?

    JACKSON: Well, let me say that I have a great deal of faith in our judicial system, as well as the LAPD. And, of course, the deputy D.A. (ph). I just think that -- I wish they would have taken Murray's license away. I wish that. But there's a lot of unanswered questions around Murray. I think he's changed his story a lot of times and now he's talking about maybe my brother did it himself, which turns my stomach. But I think this goes beyond Murray even. I think Murray has a part in it, but I don't think he was acting alone.

    HARRIS: You don't think he was acting alone?

    JACKSON: No. No, I don't.

    HARRIS: You care to elaborate on that?

    JACKSON: Without saying too much, I started to question some of the people who were around my brother. And when you look at the environment around my brother leading up to his death, there's a lot of strange coincidences. He was very afraid for his life. He was threatened that his children would be taken away from him. He was threatened that his assets would be taken from him. He was threatened that they would take his home if he didn't do what was asked of him by the powers that be. Let's just say that.

    HARRIS: I certainly want to explore that a bit more, but let's isolate one moment in that. What do you believe was Conrad Murray's role in Michael's death?

    JACKSON: There are a lot of things that aren't quite clear about whether he -- what he did, because he changes his story constantly. Now he's saying -- at one time he said my brother did it to himself. And I thought that was crazy. Now he's saying that maybe he did a little bit and he wasn't the only one. Somebody else did this to him. I think Murray does play a part in it. I think he does know more. I don't think he's telling the full truth. I think that will come out in the investigation.

    HARRIS: OK. Do you think he should be facing an enhanced charge beyond involuntary manslaughter?

    JACKSON: Absolutely.

    What would be -- what would be appropriate in your mind?

    JACKSON: Well, first of all, just because the -- even the fact that they allow him to continue practicing. I mean, he's accused of --

    HARRIS: Involuntary manslaughter.

    JACKSON: Involuntary manslaughter with Propofol and to all allow him to continue with his practice I think is really not OK. And as the investigation unfolds, there will be more that will come out.

    HARRIS: OK. Second degree murder, would that feel more appropriate to you?

    JACKSON: First degree murder would be appropriate, yes.

    HARRIS: You also have some questions in your mind about the heavily contested will, Michael Jackson's will, don't you?

    JACKSON: Yes. Yes. I question the authenticity of the will and my family questions the authenticity of the will. I can't speak to in-depth about it, but let me go back -

    HARRIS: Sure.

    JACKSON: When my brother passed, we were all shocked, torn, just beside ourselves. It was a difficult time for my family. Before we could even begin to grieve, everything was sort of rushed on us. There was these lawyers and accountants pushing these papers on us of people showing up, faces that I knew that my brother didn't care for, people he wouldn't even let in his home pushing these documents, one of which was his will. And I don't think the will was even complete.

    I was at the Staples Center preparing for the memorial and I was talking to my sisters on the phone, Janet, La Toya and me, and they were telling me what's goes on. I was - I was shocked. It was almost like there was this big plan in place that we didn't know about. And there was a plan, but what they were pushing on us was very sloppy.

    My brother - I can say this much, my brother, he took pride in being a father. He loved his children. He would never misspelled his own children's name, nor would he allow the misspelling of his children's name to appear on document so important to their lives. That's one of the things I will say that's wrong with their wills, because there are many other things that will come out in the investigation.

    HARRIS: OK. Let's take a quick break and come back with more with Randy Jackson. You're in the CNN NEWSROOM.


  • HARRIS: My special guest in the CNN NEWSROOM this hour, Michael Jackson's baby brother, Randy. His first interview since the tragedy almost a year ago.

    When you think of your brother these days, in the days since his death, where do your thoughts take you?

    JACKSON: I try to remember my brother -- let me tell you who my brother was. He was a great artist, great performer, dedicated to his career. Maybe the best that's ever stepped on the stage. A warrior at setting goals and accomplishing them. But more important, he was a great parent, a great son, a fun-loving jokester, crazy brother, hardheaded but fun. A man that dedicated his life in doing his part to improve the life of others. That's who he was.

    HARRIS: How will the family mark the anniversary in just a couple of weeks?

    JACKSON: It's a difficult month for me, a difficult month for my family. It's still in the planning stages, but we are going to have a memorial at Forest Lawn. I want to thank Forest Lawn. They've been wonderful. And thank the city of Glendale. We're going to have a memorial at Forest Lawn. We're expecting a large turnout of friends and fans. So I want to make it so that everybody can pay their respects. There will be a gathering afterward. Right now the fans can go beyond the gates of Forest Lawn and place their flowers. And so that will be a gift from them. I think the family is going to get together in the early part of the day, maybe the fans in the latter part of the day. And afterward we'll have kind of a small, intimate gathering.

    HARRIS: What is -- what's next? I know it's kind of a cliche question, but I need to ask it because the family goes on. So what's next for this family? Individually and collectively, what's next?

    JACKSON: You know, when you lose a brother or a son, it's something that no one, of course, you never expect that. And there's a grieving period. I know I -- for a year I've not wanted to do anything. But now I think that we've been talking and now we're going to continue with what he would want us to do, as well as just what we've always done. My brothers, we're going to get involved with my philanthropic charity work. We're forming a foundation that's yet to be named. There are some organizations out there but we - but that's not us. We have yet to name this. We have taken on some help from WME, Lance Klein, Ari Emanuel and Danielle Sutton, my brother.

    Right, that's William Morris Endeavor.

    JACKSON: Right.

    HARRIS: OK. So that -- will the family come together - I've got to ask this for everyone at home watching us -- will the family come together and perform again in a tour?

    JACKSON: Of course. That's -- that's -- that's in our blood. That is what God wants us to do. That is -- God has been good to this family and that is what we're supposed to do. We're supposed to continue with God's work. So that's what we're going to do.

    HARRIS: Randy, thanks for your time.

    JACKSON: Thank you.

    HARRIS: It's good to see you.

    JACKSON: It's good to see you too.

    HARRIS: And let's talk again soon.

    JACKSON: You got it, man.

    All right. We're back in a moment. You're in the CNN NEWSROOM.

  • Danke an Amidala und Donna!

    Ich finde es gut, dass Randy so offen darüber spricht. Die Öffentlichkeit sollte das ruhig erfahren.

  • Ich versuch's mal Shi...

    Teil 1

    Also erst reden sie ein bischen über Michaels Botschaften und sein philanthropisches und charitatives Werk. Randy hat einem 11-jährigen Mädchen im Krankenhaus in Form einer Geldunterstützung geholfen in der Hoffnung, dass sie überlebt (wahrscheinlich mit einer teuren Therapie, die diese Familie nicht selbst finanzieren kann). Er hatte über deren Schicksal über die Medien erfahren.
    Er erzählt, dass auch die Jackson's immer charitative Arbeit geleistet haben und dass die Brüder nun verstärkt Michaels Werk fortsetzen wollen.

    Auf die Frage nach dem Stand der Dinge zu Murray antwortet er, dass er großes Vertrauen in das Justizsystem hat, in die LAPD als auch in den D.A. Er wünscht sich, dass Murray die Lizenz entzogen wird. Außerdem glaubt er, dass Murray nicht alleine gehandelt hat sondern als Teil eines Plans. Der hätte sich ständig in widersprüchliche Aussagen verstrickt und es sind noch viele Fragen offen.
    Er kann nicht zuviel sagen aber er hat sich dem Umfeld seines Bruders gewidmet und da gibt es vieles, was ungeklärt ist.
    Michael hatte Angst um sein Leben. Er wurde bedroht, dass ihm seine Kinder genommen werden. Er wurde bedroht, dass ihm sein Vermögen genommen wird. Er wurde bedroht, dass ihm sein Heim genommen wird, wenn er nicht agiert, wie es von ihm gefordert wird. Das sind für Randy Fakten.

    Auf die Frage, welche Rolle Murray spielt, antwortet Randy noch einmal, dass die Rolle noch unklar ist und die laufenden Ermittlungen das herausfinden sollen. Murray ändere ständig seine Aussagen. Die letzte Aussage ist, dass er nur ein "kleines bischen was getan hat", er aber nicht der einzigste wäre. Jemand anderes hätte Michael "den Rest gegeben".
    Randy denkt, dass Murray Teil eines Plans ist, dass er lügt und mehr weiss und dass er hofft, die Ermittlungen bringen alles ans Licht.

    Und noch einmal: er will, dass Murray die Lizenz entzogen wird und ist der Meinung, dass die Anklage "Mord ersten Grades" erhoben werden sollte.

    Außerdem zweifeln er und die Jackson's die Gültigkeit des Testaments an. Nach Michaels *** und noch bevor alle das begriffen hatten, wurden schon Dinge sortiert. Da waren diese Anwälte und Buchhalter die mit Papieren wedelten; Menschen tauchten wieder auf von denen er, Randy, weiß, dass sein Bruder mit diesen nichts mehr zu tun hatte/haben wollte und die er nicht einmal in sein Haus hätte gelassen. Und er glaubt auch, dass das vorliegende Testament nicht vollständig ist.
    Seine Schwestern Janet und LaToya haben ihm im Staples Center - als er bei den Memorial Vorbereitungen war - erzählt,was vor sich geht und er war geschockt. Alles sah nach einem großen Plan aus aber wir wussten von gar nichts. Und es gab einen Plan aber was sie uns "hinwarfen" (als Papiere) war "schlampig" ("ein Witz").

    Eins kann ich sagen: mein Bruder war ein sehr stolzer Vater. Er liebte seine Kinder. Er würde die Namen seiner Kinder nie falsch buchstabieren noch hätte er zugelassen, dass diese auf Papieren falsch geschrieben stehen. Das ist nur ein Teil der Dinge, die falsch sind und das werden die Ermittlungen zeigen.


  • Teil 2

    Hier wird über den Jahrestag gesprochen und wie die Familie diesen verbringen will. Randy erzählt welch großartiger und wundervoller Mensch Michael war, jenseits des Entertainers. Dass ein Teil seines (Michael's) Leben war, anderen zu helfen und deren Leben zu verbessern.
    Es ist ein sehr schwieriger Monat für die Familie. Sie werden am 25.06. im Forest Lawn sein; sie erwarten viele Freunde und Fans. Die dürfen alle ihren Respekt zollen und Blumen niederlegen.
    Er denkt, dass die Familie sich in der ersten Tageshälfte dort trifft; alle anderen eher in der zweiten Tageshälfte. Und danach werden sie im kleinen intimen Kreis zusammensitzen.

    Randy wird gefragt, wie es nun mit den Jackson's weiter geht (also das Leben geht weiter, was ist geplant...)

    Randy erklärt, dass er jetzt ein Jahr lang zu nichts fähig war. Nun wollen sich alle verstärkt um wohltätige Zwecke kümmern. Seine Brüder steigen in sein eigenes philanthropisches charitatives Werk ein. Sie gründen gerade eine Stiftung die noch benannt werden muss. Dafür haben sie Hilfe bekommen von WME, Lance Klein, Ari Emanuel and Danielle Sutton.

    Auf die Frage, ob die Jackson's wieder auf Tour gehen und zusammen performen, antwortet Randy: natürlich, das liegt uns im Blut, das ist, was Gott von uns will. Gott hat unserer Familie dieses Talent gegeben und wir werden es fortsetzen.


    Puhhh, ich habe fertig und jetzt muss ich mein Herz erst mal wieder an die richtige Stelle rücken... nach dieser richtig intensiven Verinnerlichung noch einmal... :traurig2:

    Aber ich freue mich, dass ich helfen konnte.

  • Puhhh, ich habe fertig und jetzt muss ich mein Herz erst mal wieder an die richtige Stelle rücken... nach dieser richtig intensiven Verinnerlichung noch einmal... :traurig2:

    Lass Dich mal ganz feste :drück:
    Ich glaube Dein Herz sitzt schon lange der richtigen Stelle :lg:

    Aber ich freue mich, dass ich helfen konnte.

    :hkuss: Und ich erst.... Ich habe sogar den Verdacht, dass Du sowas häufiger machen darfst :flöt: :kicher:

  • Randy Jackson spricht mir aus der Seele. An Conrad Murray ist etwas Oberfaul, habe das Gefühl, das er es drauf angelegt hat, das MJ an der Überdosis stirbt. Murray dieser miese und hinterhältige :beep::beep::beep::beep::beep::beep: