TII-Song auf neuem Paul Anka-Duett-Album

  • Paul Anka veröffentlicht ein Duett-Album (Duette mit verschiedenen Künstlern). Enthalten ist auch das This is it-Duett mit MJ, mit neuen Vokalen und neu arrangiert.

    Paul Anka to release This is it duet with MJ

    Canadian singer and songwriter Paul Anka will release a new album entitled 'Duets' (Legacy) which features a selection of duets with other artists - some of them alive and some appearing through their previous recordings. Source material runs from new recordings to existing recordings with new vocals and arrangements and previously released tracks from Anka’s 1998 album 'A Body of Work'. Among the veterans featured on the album are Dolly Parton, Gloria Estefan, Willie Nelson, Patti LaBelle, Peter Cetera, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra - and also Michael Jackson.

    The duet with Michael is 'This Is It' and will be featuring new vocals and/or arrangements.


    1 Walk A Fine Line – with George Benson and Michael McDonald (New version featuring new vocals and/or arrangement)
    2 Find My Way Back To Your Heart - sung by Paul Anka , background vocal by Tita Hutchison (New recording)
    3 Do I Love You (Yes, In Every Way) - with Dolly Parton (New version featuring new vocals and/or arrangement)
    4 This is it - with Michael Jackson (New version featuring new vocals and/or arrangement)
    5 I Really Miss You - with Leon Russell (New recording)
    6 Think I’m In Love Again - with Gloria Estefan (New version featuring new vocals and/or arrangement)
    7 Pennies From Heaven - with Michael Buble (New recording)
    8 Crazy - with Willie Nelson (New version featuring new vocals and/or arrangement)
    9 You Are My Destiny - with Patti LaBelle (Previously on A Body of Work)
    10 Les Filles de Paris - with Chris Botti (New version featuring new vocals and/or arrangement)
    11 It’s Hard To Say Goodbye - with Celine Dion (Previously on A Body of Work)
    12 She’s A Lady - with Tom Jones (Previously on A Body of Work)
    13 Hold Me ‘Til the Morning Comes - with Peter Cetera (Previously on A Body of Work)
    14 My Way - with Frank Sinatra (New version featuring new vocals and/or arrangement)

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  • Nun ja sein Album hätte ich mir jetzt ohnehin nicht gekauft. War ja schon nicht sehr fein wie er nach der Veröffentlichung des TII -Songs nach Michaels Tod rumwütete und den toten MJ als Dieb bezeichnete. Aber sein Buch sprüht ja nur so vor Trash, im übrigen nicht nur über Michael.


    No one guessed for a long time that Michael Jackson had a dark side — but I saw it pretty early on.
    In 1980, I asked him to collaborate on two songs I was doing for a new album.

    He readily agreed — even though he was also working on Thriller — and moved into my guest house.

    I’d often see him there playing with my daughters in the Jacuzzi. You could tell he had a fondness for kids: he was very childlike himself.

    Anyway, Michael and I started messing around with some songs, and I have to say I was impressed.

    He not only had an incredible voice, but he was very tenacious and wildly ambitious.
    Before the bust up: Jacko and Paul Anka

    Before the bust up: Jacko and Paul Anka

    I remember thinking that he had an absolutely ruthless streak. So probably I shouldn’t have been surprised that when Thriller came out, and became a smash hit, I couldn’t get Michael back to the studio to finish our songs.

    The tapes from our sessions together ended up just sitting in the studio while I kept trying — and failing — to get him on the phone.

    Then, the next thing I knew, Michael sent one of his people over to sneak in and steal the tapes. I was aghast — and I certainly wasn’t going to let him get away with this.

    In the end, it took weeks of threatening him with legal action before I got them back. But I knew then this kid was headed for Trouble.

    Quite a while later, I saw him again in Vegas, when he stayed at a villa next door to mine at the Mirage hotel.

    And I’m afraid I was a witness to the parade of kids going in and out. Scary.

    He wouldn’t let anyone else into the place. The maids and other hotel staff would come to me and say: ‘We can’t even go in to clean; and if we have room service for him, we’ve got to leave it outside.’

    When the management finally prised Michael out, they found broken glass, perfume bottles and rotting food everywhere. The Jacuzzi had bubble-bath pouring out of it and the place was an unholy mess.

    It took tens of thousands of dollars to renovate that villa. And Michael was never allowed back.

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  • .. oh, er wird mir gerade sehr sympathisch.. :haeh: ... Das scheint ein wirkliches Trash-Buch zu sein, und wie praktisch auch, dass die Leute, über die er da so nette Dinge schreibt, alle schon tot sind. Und auch komisch, dass in dem Artikel der daily Mail der Auszug über Michael besonders hervorgehoben ist - naja, eigentlich nicht komisch, nur typisch...

  • ..genau..so'n richtiger trash...und ihm zu Ehre gereicht es auch net wirklich..wie er sich über Weggefährten auslässt...die zu seinen Aussagen keine Stellung mehr nehmen können..
    ..ich frag mich wirklich..ob und warum er das nötig hat... :schulter:
    ..und vielleicht gibts mal ein Buch von nem "Freund" über Paul Anka..

    Ich aber gelobte mir,
    mich niemals abstumpfen zu lassen
    und den Vorwurf der Sentimentalität
    niemals zu fürchten.

    Albert Schweitzer

  • Schlimm!

    Alles, was ich dazu sagen kann.

    Auch, wie er über Elvis lästert....ja,ja, alles Dummköpfer ausser Anka natürlich ...pffffffffffft


    I want people to NEVER FORGET the truth of how hard he tried, his struggle, to continue to entertain the world...the heartlessness of corporate greed. HE IS NOT A HOLOGRAM...he is not a puppet for the industry. He was a great HUMAN BEING made of flesh and blood. (KF)

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  • Also ich habe den Song und mir gefällt er ganz gut, nicht das die anderen versionen schlechter wären, sie alle haben was finde ich. Aber ich denke das ist auch wiederrum Geschmackssache.
    Ich fand auch den Auftritt 2010 in Festival Fina toll, das war Musikalisch zumindest sehr emotional gemacht finde ich.

    “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”
    Michael Jackson
    Rassismus führt zum Verlust deines Mitgefühls.

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