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  • Jermaine plant offensichtlich im ganz großen Stil und natürlich nicht nur 1 Projekt, sondern auf vielen Ebenen. Nicht nur Jermajesty-Hotels und Unterhaltungskomplexe werden in China (und Australien und und gebaut), sondern er wird auch mit seiner Firma Go JLJ Entertainment, die er zusammen mit seiner Frau gegründet hat die chin. Unterhaltungsindustrie erobern. In 2014 wirds ein Mutimedia-Event gegen "Jermaine Jackson Present" die eine Reality TV-Show beinhaltet, ein Film auf seinem Buch "You are not alone" und eine JJ5TV Musikwettbewerbsshow.Derzeit werden die finalen Touches auf die Projekte gelegt.

    Wenn da mal nicht irgendwann ein paar Seifenblasen platzen? :glupschi:

    Jermaine Jackson Presents: Content division for China's Social Media
    Published on Monday, 13 January 2014 08:48

    Go JLJ Entertainment, the international entertainment production and marketing company that was established by the
    legendary Jermaine Jackson and his wife Halima Rashid who also has significant relationships in Bollywood, the US entertainment power broker Dirk Gibson, and ASX listed IPTV company GoConnect, spotted the emerging online interest in Western entertainment content in the China market almost a year ago and since then has been preparing for the 2014 launch of a multi-part multimedia event called “Jermaine Jackson Presents” that includes two related TV shows, the JJ5TV China music competition and reality TV show, and a movie based on the best-sellers book of Jermaine Jackson “You are not alone Michael through a brother’s eyes”.

    Go JLJ Entertainment is now putting the finishing touches to an exciting implementation plan for this incredible original content event across China. The plan will involve distribution and promotion of “Jermaine Jackson Presents” through social media in partnership with a major Chinese social media company, and China's national outdoor digital TV network. Jermaine Jackson Presents including JJ5TV China is the first content project for Go JLJ Entertainment to establish an extensive distribution infrastructure in China. This infrastructure involves significant distribution via social media. A social media campaign has also commenced on a number of Chinese social networking sites including the Chinese micro blogging site of SINA Weibo (equivalent to the Chinese Twitter but, with over 500 million registered accounts, is more than double the user base of Twitter).

    The site went live on 10 December 2013 and has in the past 4 weeks without any advertising, attracted over 400,000 hits, demonstrating the popularity and power of the Jackson brand in China. With Jermaine Jackson Presents on the launch pad, Go JLJ Entertainment is now preparing to implement the next phase of its comprehensive foray into China with original and Western entertainment content by unveiling a new division.

    Go JLJ Entertainment will capitalize on the strong and decades long relationships Dirk and Jermaine have built up in America with Hollywood, with organizers for major events such as the Oscars and Grammy Award, and with major US TV networks, to channel Western entertainment content and access to celebrities for the China online and in particular social media market.

    Go JLJ Entertainment will be able to save China's online businesses, years in building trusting relationships and in securing relevant and compelling entertainment content from the West. The new division will focus on Western entertainment content that has particular relevance to the China online market. With GoConnect’s long experience and expertise in IPTV on all 3 screens of desktop TV, smartphone TV, and connected TV, and with GoConnect’s established relationships in China, Western entertainment content providers will be able to use Go JLJ Entertainment to fast track their entry to the lucrative China online market which, with over 600 million online users, is easily the biggest single online market in the world.

    Hier noch was zu den Hotelprojekten

    From Jackson Source:
    Jermajesty Holdings signs agreement on new Dalian Airport project

    Published on Thursday, 07 November 2013 07:07

    GoConnect Ltd has received advice from the corporate management of Jermajesty Holdings in China that a partnership agreement has been executed between Jermajesty Holdings, and Dalian Central City Property Development Co Ltd ("Dalian Central City"). In turn, to enlist the full support of the local government authority for the partnership and Jermajesty Holdings’ hospitality project, Dalian Central City has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Dalian State Owned Golden Bohai Coast Administration Committee ("Administration Committee"), (responsible for Dalian Jinbo Golden Coast Development Area incorporating the new Dalian International Airport under construction). GoConnect is a significant shareholder in Jermajesty Holdings with a 20% interest.

    Under this agreement, Jermajesty Holdings, and Dalian Central City will establish an investment partnership based on the land that belong to Dalian Central City for a mixed use development, proposed by Jermajesty holdings of initially 400,000 sq meters, of hospitality and wellness, entertainment, retail, serviced apartments, and other complementary properties ("the Project"). The size of the land is over 400,000 sq meters. Dalian Central City will provide the land as

    equity contribution to the partnership while Jermajesty Holdings will be responsible for securing international investor capital for the development. Dalian Central City, with the support of the Administration Committee, will proceed to secure the early and necessary government approvals for the development. Jermajesty Holdings will also have a 20-year operational right for a 5 star deluxe hospitality property to be developed within the Project.

    The Project is within 5 minutes by car to the new Dalian International Airport currently under construction. With a planned annual passenger handling capacity of 70 million and four runways, Dalian's new international airport is expected to be the largest offshore airport in the world, as stated by Cai Li, chairman of Dalian International Airport Co Ltd, which is the operator of Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (DLC). Located in Jinzhou Bay, the new airport is to be built on an offshore man-made island by reclamation. It is estimated to cover an area of 20.87 sq kms at a cost to the government of 26.3 billion yuan (A$4.54 billion). The new airport will be 7 times of DLC and is scheduled to be completed in 5 years. The construction of the new airport is progressing steadily, and reclamation work will be completed in 2013. The new Dalian International Airport will have annual passenger capacity comparable to Beijing International Airport, current annual capacity 75 million passengers, and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, current annual capacity 60 million passengers. The new Dalian international airport will be able to receive flights directly from West Coast US and Europe enabling Dalian to become an international air traffic transit hub into various major China cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

    The current corporate plan of Jermajesty Holdings and after finalisation of the partnership structure is for Jermajesty Holdings to retain at least 50% of the Project. Jermajesty Holdings
    will secure international investor funds, including that from the Jermajesty Hospitality REIT being developed, to provide equity for the Project's development finance. These funds together with the land value are expected to provide sufficient equity for the Project to secure development finance, while Dalian Central City and the Administration Committee will assist in securing additional local bank and contractor finance for the Project.

    With the Project's close proximity to the new international airport, other major commercial developments including a 600,000 sq meters super retail mall under construction, and a
    Fisherman's Wharf project, the value of the Project on completion and the value-add by the Project to Jermajesty Holdings will be substantial. Mr Prarob Mokaves, Consultant and Group CEO designate of Jermajesty Holdings, formerly President-Development of Dusit Thani Group, and Kempinski Hotels & Resorts, and who has 38 years experience in hospitality management, an expert in hospitality development, will be visiting and inspecting the Project next week. GoConnect's 20% interest in Jermajesty Holdings is fast translating into a significant asset for the company.

  • Als ich das eben las, dachte ich zuerst: OMG verschone uns mit diesem Schwachsinn!
    Aber dann dachte ich: Tschermain wird´s schon richten! Irgendwie fährt er die Karre schon selber an die Wand!
    Ich weiß, das ist böse von mir, aber ich kann diese "Leier" von seinen Projekten (oder Hirngespinsten :tüte: ) echt nicht mehr hören! Sorry! Ich geh mich dann mal :schäm:

  • Das ganze ist jetzt auch als Album erhältlich. Hörproben von Jermaines Gesang auf Stories kann man sich unten im Link anhören.

    You Are Not Alone: The Musical
    by Jermaine Jackson
    © Copyright - David Serero / David Serero Productions (888174576503)

    Download $14.99
    Recorded Live from Paris in 2013, You are not alone - The Musical is an evening of Stories and Music where, for the first time, Jermaine Jackson shares the whole Jackson's story, the only one! Featuring David Serero as guest star!
    Genre: Pop: Pop
    Release Date: 2014

    1. When the Rain Begins to Fall (Live)
    4:05 $0.99
    2. From Our Little House in Gary, Indiana to the Motown Audition
    6:40 album only
    3. From the Jackson 5 to Getting Married With Berry Gordy's Daughter
    4:49 album only
    4. First Time You Love (Live)
    4:03 $0.99
    5. From the Jackson 5's Fame and Tour to the I Wish You Love Album
    3:36 album only
    6. I've Got You Under My Skin (Live)
    3:39 $0.99
    7. Jermaine Jackson Introduces David Serero On Stage
    0:51 album only
    8. Autumn Leaves & Les Feuilles Mortes (Live) [feat. David Serero]
    3:02 $0.99
    9. Leaving Motown and Splitting With the Brothers
    2:52 album only
    10. I'm My Brothers Keeper (Live)
    4:25 $0.99
    11. Motown 25th Anniversary and the Thriller Album
    2:43 album only
    12. Do What You Do (Live)
    4:29 $0.99
    13. From Michael Jackson's False Allegations to This is it and Tribute to My Parents
    6:56 album only
    14. Oh Mother (Live)
    4:57 $0.99
    15. Michael Jackson's Tragic Death
    6:10 album only
    16. Smile (Live)
    3:59 $0.99
    17. Medley Jackson Five: I Want You Back / ABC / The Love You Save / I'll Be There
    5:08 $0.99
    18. Blame It On the Boogie (Live)
    3:36 $0.99
    19. Rock with you (Live)
    3:47 $0.99
    20. Can You Feel It / Scream / Wanna be startin' somethin' (Live)
    9:14 $0.99

    preview all songs
    Album Notes
    The Musical You are not alone features the Jackson's story from their origins to Michael's tragic death. Jermaine Jackson tells the REAL story ever told of the Jackson's life, because he lived it. From their little house back in Gary, Indiana to signing with th

  • Am 14. April werden die Brüder von Michael Jackson und Alec Baldwin - Jermaine Jackson mit Frau und Daniel Baldwin mit Ex-Frau in einer "Frauentausch-Doku" zu sehen sein.
    *lol* mehr kann man die Namen von Michael Jackson und Alec Baldwin wohl nicht für eine Sendung missbrauchen mit der sie nichts zu tun haben.

    In jedem Fall ist Jermaines Frau Halmia offensichtlich in der Rolle der verwöhnten, gut gestellten Ehefrau zu sehen, die weder kochen, putzen muss, in Luxuskleidern und Parfume gehüllt ist und sich nun im bescheidenen Haushalt der Isabella Hoffmann auffindet, die mit autischtischen Sohn in bescheidenen Verhältnissen lebt und für ihr tägliches Leben sorgen muss und dabei ist die Beziehung mit dem Ex-drogenabhänigen Bruder von Alec Baldwin wieder aufzubauen. Isabella darf dann im Gegenzug den luxus im Hause Jermaine Jackson genießen und so weiter und so weiter. Glaube ähnliche Dokus laufen bei uns auf RTL2.…ed-on-celebrity-wife-swap
    Michael Jackson, Alec Baldwin brothers to be featured on 'Celebrity Wife Swap'
    Halima Rashid and Jermaine Jackson will be featured on the 2014 premiere of “Celebrity Wife Swap,” along with Daniel Baldwin and former girlfriend, Isabella Hofmann.
    Stuart Wilson/Getty Images
    Jackie KassTV Examiner

    Halima Rashid and Jermaine Jackson will be featured on the 2014 premiere of “Celebrity Wife Swap,” along with Daniel Baldwin and former girlfriend, Isabella Hofmann.
    Zoom in

    March 27, 2014

    On March 27, ABC revealed on MediaNet that the brothers of Hollywood heavyweights Michael Jackson and Alec Baldwin are going to be featured on the premiere of “Celebrity Wife Swap.” The reality show, which debuted in 2012 and is a spin-off of “Wife Swap,” always stars two famous (or semi-famous) families. For the 2014 premiere on April 15, the wives of Jermaine Jackson and Daniel Baldwin will swap places and trade lives for one week.

    In the season debut of “Celebrity Wife Swap," actor Daniel Baldwin’s former girlfriend, Isabella Hofmann, lives in the Hollywood Hills with their autistic son Atticus (age 17). After struggling for a decade with drug addiction, Daniel is now sober and working on rebuilding his relationship with both Isabella and Atticus. Meanwhile, in Calabasas, Calif., music legend Jermaine Jackson and his wife, Halima, live a privileged life with their prized show dog, Fiji.

    These families may be considered Hollywood royalty, but that is where their similarities end. At the Baldwin/Hofmann home, Isabella is solely responsible for the day-to-day running of her home, while Halima does not worry about cooking and cleaning and domestic responsibilities. When Isabella arrives at the Jackson home, the glitz and glamor, as well as the racks and racks of clothing, endless pairs of shoes and infinite bottles of cologne blow her away.

    Meanwhile, Halima experiences a surprise of her own when she sees her swap home's modest size, compared to her own grand estate. Throughout the week, each of the women experience what it’s like to live in each other’s shoes: including managing hectic schedules, scrubbing their own pots and pans, and even cleaning up after messy, indulgent dinners. When the time comes, the two women gladly welcome the rules change, but not everyone else is so willing. In the end, one side of the swap is left in an awkward and uncomfortable situation when the celebrity husband holds firm and resists any change.

    “Celebrity Wife Swap” features two women from celebrity families, each with opposing values, who trade households, lifestyles and children (but not bedrooms) in a week-long challenge. In the first part of the exchange, each woman moves into the other’s home and agrees to follow a manual of “household rules” written by the departing woman including: how to parent, manage their social life, do house work, unwind and more. Everything changes in the second half of the week when the swap participants take charge and introduce their own set of new rules and run the “nest” their way.

    At the end of the week, the two couples reunite and Come together for the first time. In a raw, honest and highly charged exchange of views, they make frank assessments of one another's lifestyle and discuss their experiences. Throughout the process they will discover what life would be like in the shoes of another celebrity family.

    Past memorable swaps on “Celebrity Wife Swap” have included:

    The 2014 season of “Celebrity Wife Swap” airs at 10 p.m. EST on Tuesday, April 15 on ABC. As posted by TV Line, it replaces “Mind Games” starring Christian Slater and Steve Zahn. Leading up to the debut of “Celebrity Wife Swap," repeat episodes of “Resurrection” will air in its time slot.

  • OMG!!! Sind die sich eigentlich für nichts zu schade?

    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

  • OMG!!! Sind die sich eigentlich für nichts zu schade?

    naja, wer auch schon bei Big Brother mitgemacht hat ............. :schulter:
    watt willst`e da erwarten :schraube:


    "When people's minds are clouded by anger or hatred, no angel can reach them". ~Michael Jackson~

  • Eigentlich sollte man ja nichts mehr erwarten...
    Aber die schaffen es doch immer wieder, dass ich mit dem Kopf schütteln muss.

    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

  • Die armen Tiere :-D
    Da würde ich protestieren :-D

    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

  • Was ist eigentlich so schlimm daran, wenn jermaine an einer frauentauschdoku teilnimmt?? es gibt doch genug Menschen die es machen, und über die wird doch nichts gesagt, aber wenns Jermaine oder jemand aus der Jackson-Familie ist, dann auf einmal schon .. ?( versteh ich immer wieder nicht... :schraube: wenigstens tut er doch was für seine "karriere" im Showbiz, denn man hört doch gerade von vielen Jackson-Fans Beschwerden, dass er sich auf dem Erfolg seines Brudes ausruht ...
    leben & leben lassen sag ich nur. :hut:

  • Was ist eigentlich so schlimm daran

    :hwj: hat doch keiner geschrieben das es "schlimm" ist :was:
    wir amüsieren uns bloß :-D
    Ob sowas einer "Karriere im Showbiz" förderlich ist kann ich nicht beurteilen.
    Für einen Musiker, der in seinem Beruf ernstgenommen werden will, find` ich`s schon ein wenig ... hmmm .... :dd: sagen wir mal - merkwürdig.


    es gibt doch genug Menschen die es machen, und über die wird doch nichts gesagt

    "andere" sind hier zwar nicht das Thema, aber bei denen finde ich das ebenso ... "merkwürdig" :hihi1:


    "When people's minds are clouded by anger or hatred, no angel can reach them". ~Michael Jackson~

  • Wir sind in einem Forum, in dem es um Michael Jackson (und auch um seine Familie) geht. Ich schaue auch den normalen Frauentausch nicht, weil ich die Teilnehmer vollkommen daneben finde. Ob die jetzt berühmt sind oder nicht. Und die Jacksons sind sich halt für nichts zu schade. Nicht für "Big Brother" und nicht für "Frauentausch". Und vermutlich sehen wir sie auch noch öfter im Trash TV. Zumindest Jermaine scheint daran ja seinen Spaß zu haben.

    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

  • Und die Jacksons sind sich halt für nichts zu schade. Nicht für "Big Brother" und nicht für "Frauentausch". Und vermutlich sehen wir sie auch noch öfter im Trash TV. Zumindest Jermaine scheint daran ja seinen Spaß zu haben.

    :wegroll: Da hast Du den Nagel auf dem Kopf getroffen. Wenn man schon kein Glück hat A Promi zu sein, nimmt man halt den B Promi :wegroll: ein paar Groschen bringst halt auch

  • HIer kann man sich was davon anschauen:…014-part-2_music?start=37

    “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”
    Michael Jackson
    Rassismus führt zum Verlust deines Mitgefühls.

  • Na, einen Karrieresprung wird ihm die Sendung nicht beschweren. Die Kritiken sagen er hat sich wie ein verwöhntes Kind aufgeführt, sich zwischendrin im Zimmer eingsperrt und den Kontakt zum Produktionsteam verweigert als Baldwins Frau ihn aufforderte sein Sammelproblem in den Griff zu bekommen.

    Jermaine Jackson shuts down 'Wife Swap' after hoarding intervention

    ABC's "Celebrity Wife Swap" - Season Three
    CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP - 'Jermaine Jackson/Daniel Baldwin' - 'Celebrity Wife Swap' will make its season three debut on TUESDAY, APRIL 15 at 10:00 p.m. ET, on the ABC Television Network. In the premiere episode, two Hollywood dynasties Come together for the first time when the partners of actor Daniel Baldwin and music legend Jermaine Jackson swap lives for one week. (Photo by Greg Zabilski/ABC via Getty Images)

    While Daniel and Jermaine's wife, Halima, seemed to get along, it was a different story for Jermaine and Daniel Baldwin's ex, Isabella. Why? Jermaine's OCD tendencies and his obvious hoarding problem, at least with fashion items like clothing, shoes, and cologne. Isabella did everything she could to get Jermaine to let go of some of his clothing, but he wasn't having it.

    ISABELLA: "You're a shopaholic and it's crowding everyone out. There's no other way right now."
    JERMAINE: "It ain't gonna happen."
    ISABELLA: "It's gotta happen."
    JERMAINE: "It ain't gonna happen."
    ISABELLA: "It's my rules."
    JERMAINE: "Nobody is gonna touch my clothes."

    After the argument, he locked himself in his room and refused to continue with the production of the show.

    With some major persuasion, producers were able to get Jermaine to participate in the round table discussion. But when the time came to give an update on how the Jackson family was doing after filming, it was revealed that the Jacksons cut off all communication with production, and refused to provide an update to viewers. Though, Jermaine did say that he wouldn't do "Celebrity Wife Swap" again. His exact words were, "... never in a billion years."

    Fans on Facebook were pretty disgusted with how spoiled Jermaine was -- calling him a baby and a diva.

    Fans on Twitter agreed, saying that not only was he spoiled, but he was in denial of his hoarding problem, and not open to change.!slide=2540582

  • Zudem ist seine Frisur Gesprächsthema, aber nicht im positiven Sinne

    Something’s On Jermaine Jackson’s Scalp and It’s a Mystery

    April 16, 2014 | Luvvie

    Jermaine Jackson has somehow turned out to be the oddest man in a family of really talented weird people and that is no small feat. Besides all the foolery he partakes in, like changing his last name to Jacksun (O__O) and being stuck in Africa because of his lack of child support payment, the dude has been walking around with hair paint for years.

    He was on Celebrity Wife Swap the other day and folks were treated to this visual:

    WHAT IS THIS, JERMASTY’S DADDY?? Jermaine cut off the growth on a chia pet, dipped it in tar and glued it on his scalp like TADA! I’m so unable. I think this is an artistic rendering of the BP oil spill. Maybe we just aren’t appreciating the depth of Jermaine. Maybe he invested in Sharpie in the early 90s and he just wants to make sure it remains profitable.

    Jermaine is unable to matte. He’s so matte-deficient ALLATAHM. Skin looking like the finest patent leather… I can’t deal with him and unidentified textured hair paint coiffure! I just cannot. Can science solve this mystery for us? We’ve made it to the moon. Surely, we can figure out what Janet’s brother and Katherine’s son is rocking as a hairhat.

    I just wanna hear what y’all gotta say. My Girl Afrobella said:

    “it’s like…waves of melted electrical tape and a kufi made of badger fur on top. also whatever he’s using is clearly sweatproof. Because Jermaine has remained oily skinned all his life and it remains in PLACE despite the spotlights he perpetually tries to be under.”

    But really. What is this on his scalp?? Talk amongst yourselves. I am CRYING laughing already.…ermaine-jackson-hair.html

  • Na, einen Karrieresprung wird ihm die Sendung nicht beschweren.

    :wegroll: Großartiger Verschreiber, vielen Dank dafür :kiss:

    Ganz ehrlich - ich würde zu gern wissen, wie Michael auf sowas reagieren würde... Da wäre ich gern Mäuschen :kicher:

    Schön ist auch zu lesen, dass sich Jermaine mit Frauen, die ihm die Meinung sagen nicht umgehen kann. Zimmer, Tür abschließen, schmollen :-D sehr wertvoller Gesprächspartner :schief: