I think they interpret words like 'exciting'

  • Unlike Godus, where Curiosity was in essence a marketing pitch for the eventual game, the Trail came to iOS with almost no fanfare. Why did you approach it in this way?

    The thing is, Joe, it's a very brave person now that pre-hypes a game. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm sure there are far more skillful people than me that can do that but in today's world I think all types of people—consumers, not just gamers—they want you to POE currency trade talk about something that they can get their hands on, that they can try out for themselves. That's the world we live in now. I think there was an interesting argument in saying: If I'm someone who is fascinated in the process of making a game, maybe there's some way that I can discover that. But the traditional approach of the 1990s and 2000s of hyping your game up and going out and showing incredible trailers and doing lots of interviews and then launching the game—I just don't think the world works like that anymore. I think it just annoys people.

    I think they interpret words like 'exciting' and 'great' in reference to story etc. as being promises that are there to be broken. This time round, I think it made an awful lot more sense to work on the game. I must admit Joe, I do really miss talking to the press and talking to consumers while the game's being developed because you get feedback about certain concepts within the game. Working on the game and then releasing it made more sense.

    No Man's Sky seems to fit that description in modern context. I understand you visited Sean Murray shortly after NMS was released?

    Yeah. I mean, it was an incredibly harrowing time for him and it had been an incredibly harrowing time for me to suddenly realise that the world has flipped and changed from one state to another. Quite obviously with No Man's Sky and some of my games in the past. People get very, very frustrated that the game isn't as they imagined or as it had been portrayed to them as they imagined. You can completely understand that in today's world cheap Path of exile currency , you can absolutely understand that. And of course when people get frustrated in today's world, they can be incredibly vocal about it which creates a tide of what people think.