I understand that in taking a step back

  • For us, for me and Sean and whoever, we, hand on heart, we make these games because we love making games. We make these games because we want people to love making the games that we make. I can assure you that me and Sean and lot of other people I know aren't in this to steal people's money away, we're not in this to be evil; we're in this to try and make things that entertain people that we can be proud of.

    I understand that in taking a step back from the press you've refocused your attention on coding, is that correct?

    Yeah, that's right. When all of this happened, it was incredibly… I mean, I won't go into any detail, but it had an incredible impact on me, on my confidence, on my health, a lot of things. I thought: what am I going to do about this? I could sit in a corner and sulk and hide away, I could run out and become angrier than anybody else, or I could do that I think is the best thing to do. That is to relearn the art of coding, which I'd stopped doing on Black and White and hadn't done any since then. It took me quite a few months to get back into the swing of coding again and that's exactly what I'm doing—this is the first project that I've coded on since Black and White New World Gold .

    I've got a load of code on the screen at this very moment, it's a project codenamed Legacy and I obviously won't tell you anything about it because of everything I've just said but I'm finding that unbelievably exciting and exhilarating and really empowering. There are many times where it's one or two in the morning and I'm just giggling with excitement but I can have an idea and instantly get that idea into the game. I'm finding that super exciting.

    A couple of years ago, you said you'd sworn off talking to the press following an interview with another publication. What's changed?

    When I had that interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, I said that explosive thing. It was a slightly childish thing to say and it was in the heat of the moment. Looking at it now and what is sensible, it'd just be silly and stupid and childish for me to refuse to talk to people like yourself. Ultimately, this game has just been released so a lot of the press will want to talk to the principal designer on the game. We should do that, we should have that chat, but what I shouldn't do and continue not doing is to pre-hype games before they're out. My rule is simple: I'll talk about a game if it's released, if it's out, and players can get their hands on it New World Gold for sale . The thing that I'm fascinated to talk about is the background—where a design came from, where an idea came from and how it evolved.