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  • September 1996 - Oktober 1997
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    1 HIStory - Tour

    1.1 Daten:

    -1. Etappe 07. September 1996 - 04. Januar 1997
    -2. Etappe 31. Mai 1997 - 15. Oktober 1997

    The "HIStory" tour spanned the globe with stops in 56 cities, 35 countries on 5 continents, and included 82 concerts to about 4.5 million loving fans.

    Michael Jackson's "HIStory" World Tour is the biggest world tour any (!) performer had ever done!!!

    Creation: Show Conceived & Created by: Kenny Ortega and Michael Jackson Artistic Director: Michael Jackson HIStory Tour Choreographed by: Michael Jackson and LaVelle Smith Choreography For "Dangerous" & "They Don't Care About Us": Travis Payne and Michael Jackson Staged & Directed by: Kenny Ortega and Michael Jackson Assistant Director: Peggy Holmes Set Designed by: Michael Cotton and John McGraw Lighting Designer: Peter Morse Peter Morse, the lighting designer who has worked with Madonna and Janet Jackson among others, fine tuned the show for several weeks with Michael Jackson. "Michael wanted a theatrical look to this show, while maintaining the technology of the 90's, so the lighting is made up of the latest in technological advancements but the lights hang in a traditionally theatrical way. The lighting is designed specifically to give a very white light. Most theatrical lighting is warm or yellowish by comparison, on this set the light is 'daylight level' or 5600 degrees kelvin." Costumes Desgined by: Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush Stylist: Tommy Simms Artist Manager: Tarak Ben Amar

    1.2 Interesting Facts:

    Only hours after kicking off the Australian leg of his "HIStory" World Tour on November 14, 1996 Michael married Debbie Rowe in a civil ceremony in his presidential suite at the Sheraton-on-the-Park Hotel in Sydney.

    Michael's gold costume was designed by Gianni Versace who already designed some clothes for Michael for his "Dangerous" tour.

    Michael's two "HIStory" concerts in Munich, Germany on July 4 + 6, 1997 at Olympic Stadium were recorded. The concert (containing footage of both shows) was televised by German TV-channel SAT. 1 and later in many other countries.

    Plus concerts in the following countries were recorded and later shown over network television: Bucharest (Rumania) - Sept. 14, 1996, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Oct. 1996, Auckland (New Zealand) - Nov. 1996, Manila (Philippines) - Dec. 1996, Copenhagen (Denmark) - Aug. 1997, Gothenburg (Sweden) - Aug. 16, 1997 and Helsinki (Finland) - Aug. 1997.

    One "HIStory" concert in Seoul, South Korea in 1996 at Chamsil Olympic Stadium was recorded and a VHS video cassette (NTSC) of this great concert was commercially released by Sony Music for the Asian market. This is the only (!) Michael Jackson concert ever commercially available.

    At every "HIStory" tour stop, during "You Are Not Alone", one lucky girl was allowed to dance with Michael on stage.

    Dancers (1. Etappe - 1996):LaVelle Smith Shawnette Heard Courtney Miller Anthony Talauega Richmond Talauega Loru Werner Jason Yribar

    Dancers (2. Etappe - 1997):LaVelle Smith Christian Judd Stacy Walker Anthony Talauega Richmond Talauega Faune Chambers

    Tour Photographer: John K. Isaac

    1.3 Performers / Singers:

    Kevin Dorsey Vocal Director and Asst. Musical Director (Worked on Bad, Dangerous & HIStory Tours) Signed Artist/writer deal with Quincy Jones and Qwest Records Performed with, arranged and produced for artists such as Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston... Film work (performing and arranging music and/or vocals) includes: Forest Gump, Lion King, Appollo 13, Out Of Africa, The Colour Purple, Power Of One, Ghost Busters Part II, When Harry Met Sally... Assistant Musical Director on 1993 "Dangerous" World Tour Started working with The Jacksons on the "Victory" tour in 1984, and has been working with Michael Jackson ever since

    Dorian Holley Vocalist (Bad, Dangerous and HIStory Tours) Recorded with Puff Johnson, Lionel Ritchie, Gladys Knight, Nona Hendryx, Aaron Neville, Johnny Carson, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Dolby, Jellybean, Robert Townsend, K.T Oslinm, Jay Leno, Dolly Parton, Michael Bolton, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder Composed film, TV and radio jingles Toured with Rod Stewart, James Taylor Composed and produced for S.H.E, new artist on the Shaquille O'Neal label

    Fred White Vocalist (HIStory Tour) Live performances: Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Stephanie Mills, Toto, Vesta, Bonnie Raitt, Michael McDonald, George Michael, Tramaine Hawkins, Patti Austin, Babyface, Stevie Wonder Videos: Bonnie Raitt "Nick Of Time", Phil Collins "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven", "Hang In Long Enough" Concert in Berlin Recordings: Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Al Jarreau, Johnny Mathis, Gerald Albright, Jasmine Guy, Randy Travis, Patti Labelle

    Marva HicksVocalist (HIStory Tour) Singer and actress World tour with Stevie Wonder as background vocalist and featured singer Recorded album on Polygram, with one top ten hit "Never Been In Love Before" TV appearances inlude LA Law, Star Trek, Alien Nation, The Bold & The Beautiful

    1.4 Performers / Bandcrew:

    Brad Buxer Musical Director/Keyboards (Dangerous & HIStory Tours) Arranger for Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, David Hasselhoff, Yoshiki, Teena Marie Member of Stevie Wonder's band since 1985 Member of Michael Jackson's band since 1992 Producer and musical director for Superbowl 27's Halftime show featuring Michael Jackson, as well as for Superbowl 30 featuring Diana Ross Recorded "Blood On The Dance Floor", "Stranger In Moscow", "They Don't Care About Us", "Black Or White", "Heal The World" with Michael Jackson Musical director and arranger for soundtrack to "Ghosts" film

    Jennifer BattenGuitar (Bad, Dangerous & HIStory Tours) Video credits include Natalie Cole's "Wild Women Do", Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker", Sara Hickman's "Take It Like A Man" 1987 "Bad" tour with Michael Jackson's band touring the world for 1 ½ years playing to over 4.4 million people 1992 joined Michael Jackson again for his "Dangerous" tour Played with Michael Jackson in the Superbowl 27's Halftime entertainment to 1.5 billion people in 80 nations around the world - the largest television audience in history Solo albums: "Above, Below And Beyond", then recorded an album with blues rock band The Immigrants produced by Michael Sembello. Toured with The Immigrants Latest solo album: "Tribal Rage"

    David Williams Guitar (Dangerous & HIStory Tours) Back up band with The Temptations Performed on "Off The Wall", "Thriller", "Triumph", "Victory", "Bad" and "Dangerous", and on Bryan Ferry's "Mamouna" tour Performed in the 1993 Superbowl with Michael Jackson Co-ordinated musicians for Madonna's 1990 "Blond Ambition" tour Wrote and/or produced cuts for Earth, Wind & Fire, The Jacksons, George Howard, Boz Scaggs, Michelle Gayle Recorded with Bryan Ferry on "Baton Noir", "Taxi", "Mamouna", plus album and new single for "All For One"

    Isaiah Sanders Keyboards (HIStory Tour) Pianist, composer and arranger Toured with The Emotions Long term member of Stevie Wonder band, recording six platinum albums with him In 1993 he began touring with Michael Jackson on "Dangerous" World Tour Recorded with artists such as Dionne Warwick, Jermaine Jackson House band musician to Coolio, Jon Secada, Bob Dylan, D'Angelo, Zane and Eternal Written various TV commercials

    Freddie WashingtonBass Guitar (HIStory Tour) Lists of credits include Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie & Kenny Loggins Platinum Album awarded for his song "Someone For Me" recorded by Whitney Houston Gold Album Award for the song "Forget-Me-Nots" as featured in Tom Hanks film "Big" and "Better Late Than Never" and featured in Eddie Murphy's "Coming To America"

    Jonathan MoffettDrums (HIStory Tour) Toured with The Jackson Family in 1979 From 1979-1990 he has performed in concert on 16 major tours including the world famous Jacksons "Victory" tour Has also toured with Patti Austin, Cameo, Lionel Richie, Madonna, Jermaine Jackson, Elton John, George Michael and Janet Jackson

    HIStory Tour - SetlistGates Of Kiev Scream They Don't Care About Us She Drives Me Wild / In The Closet Wanna Be Starting Somethin' Stranger In Moscow Smooth Criminal Interlude: "The Wind" You Are Not Alone The Way You Make Me Feel (From September 07, 1996 to June 15, 1997) Jackson 5 Medley (I Want You Back I The Love You Save I I'll Be There) Off The Wall Medley * (Rock With You I Off The Wall I Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough( (From September 07, 1996 to June 10, 1997) Interlude: Remember The Time Billie Jean Thriller Beat It Come Together ** / D.S. (From September 07, 1996 to December 31, 1996) Blood On The Dance Floor *** (From May 31, 1997 to August 19, 1997) Interlude: Black Or White Video (2nd Part) Dangerous **** Interlude: Black Or White Video (1st Part) Black Or White Earth Song Interlude: We Are The World Heal The World HIStory * The Off The Wall Medley was withdrawn from the show in Tunis (Oct. 7th), Bombay (Nov. 1st), Sydney (Nov. 14th and 16th), Brisbane (Nov. 19th) and Tokyo (Dec. 20th)
    ** Come Together / D.S. was withdrawn from the show in Bombay (Nov. 1st), Sydney (Nov. 14th and 16th), Brisbane (Nov. 19th) and Tokyo (Dec. 20th)
    *** Blood On The Dance Floor was withdrawn from the show in Vienna (July 2nd)
    **** Dangerous was withdrawn from the show in Tokyo (Dec. 20th)

    1.5 Technical Facts:

    A few facts and figures on how it's put together:

    There are 160 people working on the Michael Jackson "HIStory" World Tour. In every city another 200 professional stage hands and 200 security officers are hired locally.

    The logistics for such a huge show require an almost military-style organisation! In any given week, three different stages are either up, going up or coming down. Moving the custom designed steel and scaffolding requires 7 trucks per stage each weighing 200 tons which takes 3 days to build, 24 hour to set up the elements of the show [backline, lights, sound, band gear, pyro, video] and 24 hours to de-rig. Once built, the set weighs 550 tons. A further 22 trucks carry the backline, sound, lights, rigging, video, pyrotechnics and band gear. That's a total of 43 trucks carrying 1'200 tons of equipment!

    There are 14 people working the lights who are controlling about 1'000 fixtures and assorted equipment under the direction of Michael Keller, the lighting director . The whole system uses about 35 kilometres of cable and weighs 3'200kg. It takes 5 trucks to transport all the equipment, and load in of the lighting system takes about 8 hours the day before the show, with all fixtures getting individually focused after dark.

    The sound system, designed by Clair Bros Audio, consists of 150 S-4 cabinets totalling 400'000 watts of power and weighing 30 tons. There are also 50 sub low cabinets specially designed to create a sensoround effect. The sound engineer, Trip Khalaf has worked with Madonna, Steely Dan and Queen. The stage was built by UK based Edwin Shirley Staging, who transmitted by computer graphics back to England any changes and modifications needed for construction of the stages during the rehearsals held in L.A.

    Pyrotechnics are an important element of the show, 4 people handle over 500 shots a night, the noise effects are comparable to a TNT explosion bringing down a 3 storey building. For Pyritz, the company who have worked on every Michael Jackson tour, safety is of prime concern, and their safety record proves it. The stage may well look like it's totally destroyed, but no damage actually occurs.

    Michael Jackson travels with his own television studio provided by Nocturne Productions. 4 broadcast cameras capture Michael's every move on stage transmitting them to 2 large Jumbotron screens flanking the stage on either side. Directed by Paul Becher, the screens enable the audience to see every detail of what's happening on the stage no matter where they are sitting. The video portion of the show include a computer generated opening specially made for each city, while certain scenic elements are played back on a moving Jumbotron over the stage.

    When asked what satisfies him most, Chris Lamb, the production manager, in charge of every aspect of putting on the biggest show on earth , says it very succintly: "It's hearing the thunderous applause of the audience on the first night and then hearing it again and again at every show."

    1,4 million people went to the Michael Jackson HIStory tour which started in Prague on September 7, 1996. A further 2 million people are expected to come during the second leg of the tour which started in Bremen on 31st May 1997, and sales of tickets in Germany alone have already reached 500,000...

    Production: Tour Produced by Quinta Communications S.A. Quinta Business Affairs: Brigitte Segal Tour Executive: Paul Gongaware Tour Finance: Norman Dugdale Production Manager: Chris Lamb Tour Manager: Bernie Boyle Tour Publicist: Mitch Vannoni

    1.6 Tour Support:

    Lighting: Light and Sound Design Computer Lights: The OBIE Company Moving Lights: Vari*lite Sound: Clair Bros. and Audio Rent Video: Nocturne Generators: Showpower Stage & Trucking: Edwin Shirley Cam-Track: Ocean State Rigging Freighting: Rock-It Cargo Catering: Eat Your Hearts Out Travel: Mike Hawksworth

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